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  • Vol.3


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  • May 27, 1999


Vol.3 or Volume 3 is a Japanese set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.

Like other cards printed early on in the game, the cards have no printed set numbers, and lack the distinctive holographic "Eye of Anubis" in the lower right-hand corner of each card. Of the 50 cards in Vol.3, all but 9, "Akihiron", "Binding Chain", "Eldeen", "Ganigumo", "Giant Mech-Soldier", "Kamakiriman", "Mabarrel", "Rare Fish", and "The Wandering Doomed", have since been reprinted in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


The set contains 50 cards, consisting of:



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(OCG - Japanese)
English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category
Akihiron カクタス Rare 36904469 Normal Monster
Ansatsu アサシン Rare 48365709 Normal Monster
Anthrosaurus (きょう)(りゅう)(じん) Common 89904598 Normal Monster
Armed Ninja 青い(ブルー)(にん)(じゃ) Common 09076207 Effect Monster
Armored Starfish アーマード・スターフィッシュ Common 17535588 Normal Monster
Barox バロックス Common 06840573 Fusion Monster
Beaver Warrior ルイーズ Common 32452818 Normal Monster
Binding Chain (ふう)(いん)(くさり) Common 08058240 Normal Monster
Darkworld Thorns ()(かい)のイバラ Common 43500484 Normal Monster
Dragon Treasure ドラゴンの()(ほう) Common 01435851 Equip Spell Card
Drooling Lizard ()()をすするもの Common 16353197 Normal Monster
Eldeen エルディーン Common 06367785 Normal Monster
Electro-Whip (でん)(げき)(むち) Common 37820550 Equip Spell Card
Fireyarou (ほのお)()(じん) Common 71407486 Normal Monster
Flower Wolf フラワー・ウルフ Common 95952802 Fusion Monster
Follow Wind フォロー・ウィンド Common 98252586 Equip Spell Card
Frenzied Panda キラーパンダ Common 98818516 Normal Monster
Gaia the Dragon Champion (りゅう)()()ガイア Secret Rare 66889139 Fusion Monster
Ganigumo ガニグモ Common 34536276 Normal Monster
Giant Mech-Soldier ()(かい)(きょ)(へい) Rare 72299832 Normal Monster
Giant Soldier of Stone (がん)(せき)(きょ)(へい) Common 13039848 Normal Monster
Gravedigger Ghoul (はか)()りグール Common 82542267 Normal Spell Card
Hane-Hane ハネハネ Super Rare 07089711 Effect Monster
Kamakiriman カマキラー Common 68928540 Normal Monster
Left Leg of the Forbidden One (ふう)(いん)されし(もの)(ひだり)(あし) Ultra Rare 44519536 Normal Monster
Lesser Dragon レッサー・ドラゴン Common 55444629 Normal Monster
Mabarrel マキャノン Rare 98795934 Normal Monster
Man-Eater Bug (ひと)()(ムシ) Super Rare 54652250 Effect Monster
Metal Dragon メタル・ドラゴン Common 09293977 Fusion Monster
Misairuzame ナイル Common 33178416 Normal Monster
Mystical Moon ()(しょう)(つき) Common 36607978 Equip Spell Card
Pot of Greed (ごう)(よく)(つぼ) Common 55144522 Normal Spell Card
Rare Fish レア・フィッシュ Common 80516007 Fusion Monster
Reaper of the Cards カードを()(しに)(がみ) Normal Rare 33066139 Effect Monster
Red-Eyes B. Dragon 真紅眼の黒竜(レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴン) Ultra Rare 74677422 Normal Monster
Rogue Doll ホーリー・ドール Rare 91939608 Normal Monster
Sand Stone サンド・ストーン Common 73051941 Normal Monster
Silver Bow and Arrow (ぎん)(ゆみ)() Common 01557499 Equip Spell Card
Skelengel スケルエンジェル Common 60694662 Effect Monster
Skull Red Bird スカイ・ハンター Common 10202894 Normal Monster
Skull Stalker デス・ストーカー Common 54844990 Normal Monster
Sleeping Lion (ねむ)れる()() Common 40200834 Normal Monster
Spike Seadra スパイクシードラ Common 85326399 Normal Monster
Steel Ogre Grotto #1 (こう)(てつ)(きょ)(しん)(ぞう) Common 29172562 Normal Monster
Stop Defense (しゅ)()(ふう) Super Rare 63102017 Normal Spell Card
Succubus Knight サキュバス・ナイト Common 55291359 Normal Monster
The Wandering Doomed さまよえる(もう)(じゃ) Common 93788854 Normal Monster
Tripwire Beast ()(らい)(けだもの) Common 45042329 Normal Monster
Witty Phantom ()(じん)デスサタン Common 36304921 Normal Monster
Wretched Ghost of the Attic ()()(うら)(もの)() Common 17238333 Normal Monster

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