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Virus Card


ウィルス OR ウイルス

Japanese (romanized)

Wirusu OR Uirusu


Virus Cards (ウィルス Wirusu) are a manga-only card type. These cards are played in the Spell & Trap Zone.

Two properties for Virus Cards were shown, Normal and Field.

Two Virus Cards have been seen in the anime or OCG/TCG, "Crush Card" and "Virus Cannon", but they had card their card types changed. In the anime, "Crush Card" is a Normal Trap Card (although it is displayed as a Spell Card in early dub episodes) and "Virus Cannon" is a Normal Spell Card, though it is displayed as a Trap Card in the dub. In the OCG/TCG, "Crush Card" and "Virus Cannon" were released as Normal Trap Cards.

Seto Kaiba uses some of the Virus Cards.



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