Vincent Ralambomiadana is a French player who wins several different Yu-Gi-Oh! events.

In 2008 he became the french champion at the french national.

In 2010 he was in the top 4 of the YCS Paris with a Six Samurai Deck.

Shonen Jump Championship Columbus

November the 15th of 2009, Vincent won a copy of Dark End Dragon at the American SJC Colombus by defeating Kevin Slapnik in the final which opposed Kevin's Destiny Hero Zombies to Vincent's Twilight. The version of Twilight Vincent played with was then called the "French Twilight".[1]

Vincent Ralambomiadana

DS World Championship 2010

Vincent won the french DS National and then was invited to the World Championship 2010 as a DS player on the game Reverse of Arcadia. He came second at the World Championship DS 2010. His deck is used by Kami in the game Reverse of Arcadia

The Team "Otéka"

Formely known as Dragon Blanc (White Dragon), the Otéka team is a french Yu-Gi-Oh! team. Otéka is the french pronounciation of OTK. Vincent's Team publish a magazine in France called the "OTK Magazine".

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