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Venom Counter

Anime Venom Counter
A Venom Counter on "Elemental HERO Wildedge" in the anime



Japanese (romanized)



Venom Counter

A Venom Counter is a type of counter used exclusively by "Venom" monsters and their support cards. In the anime, a Venom Counter takes the form of poison and transforms into a water snake that attaches itself to a monster and bites it, inflicting poison to the monster it attached itself to. These counters can be removed to inflict effect damage with "Venom Burn" or remain on monsters to reduce their ATK and potentially destroy them, though the latter tactic will only work while "Venom Swamp" is on the field. These uses are accomplished with separate card effects.

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeLevelTypeATKDEF
Ambush Fangs反撃の毒牙Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Venom Boaヴェノム・ボアMonster Card
Effect Monster
Venom Boa (anime)ヴェノム・ボアMonster CardEARTH5Reptile1,6001,200
Venom Burnヴェノム・スプラッシュTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Venom Serpentヴェノム・サーペントMonster Card
Effect Monster
Venom Serpent (anime)ヴェノム・サーペントMonster CardDARK4Reptile1,000800
Venom Shotヴェノム・ショットSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Venom Shot (anime)ヴェノム・ショットSpell Card
Venom Snakeヴェノム・スネークMonster Card
Effect Monster
Venom Snake (anime)ヴェノム・スネークMonster CardEARTH3Reptile1,200600
Venom Swampヴェノム・スワンプSpell Card
Field Spell Card
Venom Swamp (Action Field)ヴェノム・スワンプSpell Card
Venom Swamp (anime)ヴェノム・スワンプSpell Card

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