"Vehicroid" (ビークロイド Bīkuroido) is an archetype of EARTH Machine Fusion Monsters used by Syrus Truesdale in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. They are a sub-archetype of the "roid" archetype. In the anime, the "roid" archetype is referred to as "Vehicroids". With the exception of "Super Vehicroid - Mobile Base", all members of this archetype list "Drillroid" as one of its Fusion Materials.


Super Vehicroid Fusion Materials
Jumbo Drill "Steamroid" +
"Drillroid" +
Mobile Base 1 "roid" Fusion Monster +
1 "roid" monster
Stealth Union "Truckroid" +
"Expressroid" +
"Drillroid" +
Recommended Cards

Official Decklist

"roid" Deck[1]


  1. YGOrganization Konami's "roid" Deck

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