Vast Shrine-FMR

The Vast Shrine.

The Vast Shrine is a structure used by The Mages in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories.

It is based on Ramesses II's temple at Abu Simbel.


The prince was initially refused entry if he tried going into the shrine.

After Teana got kidnapped by Seto, the Prince and Jono went to the shrine to rescue her. Inside the shrine they entered a labyrinth and faced a Labyrinth Mage. Depending on how the player navigated, they could face more. To avoid facing more, the player must navigate right, right, left, right.

After passing the Labyrinth, they met Heishin and Seto who had taken Teana hostage. Hesihin left for the Vast Shrine, leaving Seto to deal with the Prince. The prince defeated Seto, who congratulated him and returned Teana.

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