"Valkyrie", known as "Walküre" (ワルキューレ Warukyūre, the German word for "Valkyrie") in Japan, are an archetype of LIGHT-Attribute, Fairy-Type monsters used by Zigfried von Schroeder in Yu-Gi-Oh!. The concept of the "Valkyrie" cards is derived from the valkyries of Norse mythology. Like most of Zigfried's cards, the "Valkyrie" cards are named after characters from the opera Der Ring des Nibelungen.

The effects of the "Valkyrie" cards vary slightly, but usually revolve around Special Summoning "Valkyrie" monsters, removing opposing monsters, and increasing their ATK.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX dub, "Valkyrie Dritte" can be seen in T-Bone's hand. Different cards are shown in the original (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX) version.

In the Japanese version, the names of the "Valkyrie" monsters, "Erste", "Zweite", and "Dritte" are the German words for "first", "second" and "third". However, in the dub, the second Valkyrie is named "Zwei", which means "two".

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