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These promotional cards were distributed at the event called "V Jump Cards Festa" since 2008 by V Jump. The first part was held on August 21–22, 2008 (Tokyo) and on August 30, 2008 (Osaka), in which was given "Shield Wing". The second was held on August 21, 2009 (Osaka) and on August 26, 2009 (Tokyo), the promo was "Elemental HERO Flash". The third part was organized on August 21, 2010 (Tokyo) and on August 28, 2010 (Osaka), the promo card was "Junk Defender". The fourth part was organized on August 20, 2011 (Tokyo) and August 27th 2011 (Osaka), and the promotional card was "Infernity Archer". The fifth part will be organized on July 21, 2012 (Tokyo) and July 28th 2012 (Osaka), and the promotional card will be "Blackwing - Damascus the Polar Night".

V Jump Festa Promotional Cards
  • English Set Name: V Jump Festa promotional cards
  • Japanese Set Name: ジャンプフェスタ2009 特典カードパック
  • Japanese Set Prefix: VJCF
  • OCG Release Date: August 21–22, 30, 2008/August 21, 26, 2009/August 21, 28, 2010/August 20, 27, 2011

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