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"ARC of Smile!" (ARC(アーク) of(オブ) Smile(スマイル)!, Āku obu Sumairu) is the third Japanese ending theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, performed by BOYS AND MEN. It debuted on April 5, 2015, in episode 50.

Episode 56

The Ending is Added New Cards With Yuya and Yuzu's Countparts

  • Yuya Sakaki is a Pendulum Card
  • Yuto is a Xzy Card
  • Yugo is Synchro Card
  • Yuri is a Fusion Card
    • A Fifth Blank Normal Duel Monster Card is Added
  • Rin is Added to The Card Selection
  • Yuzu Hiragi is a Pendulum Card
  • Ruri Kurosaki is a Xzy Card
  • Rin is a Synchro Card
  • Selena is a Fusion Card
    • a Figth Blank Normal Duel Monster is Added

Recording Credits

  • Performed by: BOYS AND MEN
  • Lyrics by: YUMIKO
  • Composed by: mu-ray
  • Arranged by: Meis Clauson
  • Record Label: Marvelous (マーベラス)


Lyrics (TV Size)

はじめようか?(Come on(カモン)!)
Thank you(サンキユー) for(フォト) waiting(ウェイチィング)
Don’t(ドント) miss(ミス) it(イット)
Start(スタート) () countdown(カウントダウン) (スリー)(ツー)(ワン)
Step(ステップ) forward(フォワード) (アンド) ドロー!
(たましい)へとシンクロして (あつ)Heart(ハート)(たか)()
()るがしたい (いま)までのLimit(リミット)
無数(むすう)Possibility(ポッビリティ) ()()してFight(ファイト) it(イット) out(アウト)
()けまわれBa() Bang(バン)!エンタメイト
時空(じくう)()えてつながる 仲間(なかま)とのゴール
(ひと)(すじ)(なわ)ではいかない? No(ノー)!あきらめない
(アー) will(ウェル) Go(ゴー) x4
もっと(たか)みへ(Fly(フライ) so(そう) high(ハイ)!)
絶体(ぜったい)絶命(ぜっめい)ターンも()()に Turn(ターン) over(オーバー)
Just(ツャスト) Smile(スマイル) Just(ツャスト) Smile(スマイル)
My(マイ) pride(プライド) never(ネバー) changes(チェンジス)
Don’t(ドント) miss(ミス) it(イット)
Step(ステップ) forward(フォワード) (アンド) ドロー!

Hajimeyō ka? (Come on!)
Thank you for waiting,
Don't miss it!
Start a countdown 3, 2, 1!
Step forward and dorō!
Nanika ga okori sō na yokan ga
Tamashī e to shinkuro shite atsui Heart ga takanaru
Yurugashitai ima made no Limit
Fīrudo ni chirabatteru
Musū no Possibility hikidashite Fight it out!
Kibun wa marude hashiru jetto kōsutā
Kakemaware Ba Bang! Entameito
Jikū wo koete tsunagaru nakama to no gōru
Hitosujinawa de wa ikanai? No! Akiramenai
I will go x 4
Motto takami e (Fly so high!)
Koko de yareru ka sore to mo owaritte
Dare hitori wakannai kara
Zettai zetsumei tān mo hade ni Turn over!
Itsuka tadoritsukitai saikō no imēji wa
Just Smile Just Smile
Zenkai Egao no ARC
My pride never changes!
Don't miss it.
Step forward and dorō!

Let’s start, shall we? (Come on!)
Thank you for waiting,
Don’t miss it!
Start a countdown, 3, 2, 1!
Step forward and draw!
There’s a feeling something’s about to happen
A synchro to my soul, throbbing in my burning heart
I want to jolt my current limits
Scattered upon this world’s field
Draw out your numerous possibilities, fight it out!
My feelings are speeding like a jet coaster
Dashing about with a ba-bang! Entermate!
Linked across space and time, the goals I share with my comrades
Can’t deal with it the easy way? No! Don’t give up
I will go x4
Up to greater heights! (Fly so high!)
Will we make it, or will it end here?
Nobody knows
Even in a desperate turn, turn the tide over with a loud bang!
One day I want to arrive at the ultimate image
Just smile, just smile
Full throttle into the ARC of smiles!
My pride never changes!
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, don’t miss it!
Step forward and draw!


Duel Monsters

Card appearances

Monster appearances

That could be puire coincidence.

They don't even look like Overlay units. More like electricity. I could just as easily say it could be a reference to Yusei's Stardust (whose signature color is blue) and Jack's Red Demon (who is obviously red). But like your trivia, it's uncertain, so it's better not to put anything purely speculative.--PoirotH (talkcontribs) 09:45, August 23, 2015 (UTC)

Recent Episodes

Whoa, Lols, slow down there. When we say provide a source, we mean give us a link to the source. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 22:57, September 3, 2015 (UTC)

Are you sure that it's episode 12 that aired today though? Photon Legion said that due to some holiday whose name I don't remember, that there might have been a week's break, in which case it would be episode 11 that aired today. And to back him up, I still can't find episode 11's dub online myself. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 02:02, October 17, 2015 (UTC)

what is your source of information about arc v episodes??Sakaki judai (talkcontribs) 12:00, February 5, 2016 (UTC)

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