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Wicked gods]

Tellars are my main deck now I love how they keep coming out like yeah I am bad let me bring my friends out lol. Tellar are the best type and archetype now they are know for protection of the starknight interstaller/Satalltion.

Top Card

Infernity Archfiend

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--Wicked gods (talkcontribs) 08:58, July 7, 2012 (UTC) Wicked Gods My friends and Family.


Mike Borg. Eternal Nightmare

Things I do and So On

Also I love hanging out with friends and family. Also my real name is Ben But i would like to be called Kyrie Nagasata I worship the Gods. I love dueling i like 2 watch anime. if anyone would like to keep in contact me go to Facebook.

My Personality

My style is Calm, Cool and Maturity. Also I love to talk about things. But then again i live in a depression Life with my family but i makeing the best of it. Love you all. I am very cool and calm i am also a great team work i love 2 help people but also i need to help myself my whole life i been depress but i met someone who came to me as a friend i love her like a friend but even more. I am a Hyperactive kid but i very fun to hang out with i love doing fun things as well :). put your mouth where your deck is let the deck do all the talking instead of your mouth. trust in the heart of the cards and you will win the duel.

Top Deck

My Ace deck are Inzektor and Dragunity know as Lethal Weapon Deck they are my special support deck that take me to the top also my DN name is Tristen97. I dislike Rage quitter. If you rage quit you are not my time and don't waste my time if you dueling me and rage quit. I like playing through the duel.

Rule number 1. Rage quitter for loser and that not good Rule number 2. If you rage quit you need to stop cause people might think you don't know how to duel Rule number 3. Rage quitting Make you look bad and your rating going to drop.

Just admit defeat and don't quit that is all.

Also I enjoy being with you all on this chat it make me feel

Favorite deck is - 2. these my top main deck. stop them if you dare

Born With

White Hair and Blue eyes. 4 different ascents and just that.

link title

Dragunity are my top Pro in my list. I am Glad i found at least some of the card but i need more 2 find

Another Wiki if you enjoy Animelink title

My favroite yu-gi-oh character are

link title

link title

link title

link title

Tier Deck

Inzektor Six Samurai there more as well[link titleLink]

Getting Creative

When i get older i gonna be a game designer. Also I love Anime as well hope we all can share the same idea together. also i takeing Martial Arts now. Hope we can become friends and stick together (smile. --Wicked gods (talkcontribs) 10:14, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

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