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The XXX in my name does not mean porn. It means mysterious/anonymous. I don't play yugioh IRL because I am broke. I use to play IRL in elementary and middle school, but stopped shortly after. Then late of last year I begin playing online and boy I was in for a big shock with the synchros! The deck type that I have been playing with a lot most recently is Stardust Assault. Other deck types I play with are Blackwing Buster, Blackwings, Uria, Six Sams, Exodia, counter fairies, Lockdown(s). Deck types I no longer play with are Tele-Assault, OHED, anti-meta, REDMD, and my random mix matched deck IRL. Deck types that I am thinking about making are Egyptian God HAD, destruction/mill deck, and some type of machine deck. I use both TCG, OCG, and ACG cards in my decks. Sometimes if I really like a deck, I make a complete TCG version of it (if possible). P.S. Thx to swagg this page looks better than it us to lol Atem Rules 11:08, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Stardust Assault

Consistent Top SDAM

(note: some cards I would run more than 1 or 2 if it was not restricted. For example: Tuning, Reinforcement of the Army, curse bound prison... Some support cards for stardust assault I don't run cause I don't like them, but they can easily fit in by taking out: Mirror Force, Zoma the spirit, starlight road, heavy storm and maybe some other cards if you MUST. Cards with plus signs next to them must be in the deck) I play with assault decks a lot. Mainly the tele-assault, stardust assault, and blackwing buster. As a note to others, just as long as you can synchro summon level 8 monsters fast then any deck type can turn into a assault deck. This deck does well in getting the strategy out. Which is synchro summoning a level 8 monster very fast, then getting stardust assault out. This deck does not have just only tcg cards. For this deck I plan on making a tcg version of it. This deck was so good at getting level 8 synchros that I have been basing other deck ideas off of it. Even though this deck is definitely better than the other ones. This deck easily gets 4 level 8 synchros on the field at the same time (can get 5 out at the same time if you use monster reborn). Depending on the hand you should be able to get one synchro a turn. Even if stardust assault fails you still have powerful lvl 8 synchros that you can take advantage of.

Having a versatile extra deck to meet your every needs and a side deck to stop anti-meta brings out the potential in this deck, but if you want you can have your side deck more versatile instead of putting 15 cards that are going to stop anti-meta. This deck can compete with top tier decks. LS swarming and honest does not scare this deck, but having 2 JD on the field at the same time can hurt a bit. BW swarming does work well on this deck and the blackwing flash hurts, but it never stop this deck winning in a match. GB war chariot hurts this deck, but other than that GB has a tough time. Deck weaknesses is anti-meta, stall, a deck with a lot of speed spell 3. Stall can be over comed, but anti-meta and speed spell 3 is a pain in the behind.

  • Card of safe return was a must for this deck.
  • Having too many cards like card destruction, hand destruction, magical mallet, dark world dealings, etc... Can work against you and slowly deplete away your hand. I have seen some people do this in their assault decks and after they go through the process of using a couple of cards like these. They still have nothing (lol). In this deck I don't have many cards like that. Hand destruction has the weakness of not be able to activate if your opponent does not have at least 2 cards in their hand and the depletion effect on your hand. So I don't have no more than one, but you can put anything similar and take out something similar. Even though with tuning you will most likely discard the top 4 cards of your deck. IT IS OKAY! Pot of avarice is in there to save your behind. POA is a nice way to put your assault mode monsters back to your deck.
  • At first I had 3 armor heads but then I took out one and put in a spirit barrier. With armor head effect you must summon him in attack if he is in your grave during your standby phase. If he is destroyed during that standby phase, he just comes right back that same standby phase if he is in your grave. His attack is zero and it is a free direct attack for your opponent. So the 2 armor head and spirit barrier combo made the deck better. Of course I had to put 2 foolish barrel in this deck. Armor head is just food for synchro and cosr.
  • I have learned the sweet spot for most assault decks which is having no more than 1 assault teleport and having 2 assault mode monsters. Not following this can usually make you end up with more dead draws or no assault mode monster at all. Even with monk in the deck you will get a lot of dead draws by putting 3 assault teleport and 3 assault mode monsters, but you will increase your chance of drawing both. You will also increase you chance of getting bad hands. Sadly the chance of getting a band hand out weighs the chance of using assault teleport. I've done this and I don't like it. Makes the deck consistency go down and in yugioh you want good consistency in your decks. You don't have to have assault teleport at all, you can put some other type of card to return the assault mode monster to your deck. The best option would be magical mallet and the worst is Pot of Generosity. Having 1 AM (assault mode) monster means you most likely will never draw one, but if you do you can't get AM monster the next turn unless you have a way to put it in deck that turn. Having 3 increases the chances of bad draws. Like I said I have found out 2 is just right.
  • 3 assault beast and 3 assault mode activate are a must. Having anything lesser decreases the chances of you getting a am monster out the following turn. Someone once told me to only have 2 assault beast. I still disagree with them today because I would never get comments like this "How in the f*** do you get a assault mode activate so quickly?" Well this is the reason why =). Assault beast also has some nice attack on it.
  • 3 upstart goblin to thin out deck.
  • Zoma the spirit is there mostly for syncro material, but you can also use it to burn your opponent. Clone dragon is completely there for synchro material even though you can use it for other things.
  • Cyber valley for more draw power and stall.
  • starlight road is a nice punishing card for heavy storm, mirror force, black rose, JD, etc... and you get a free stardust dragon (even though you can't special summon that stardust dragon from grave with another card effect besides its own). You don't have to have this in here. This deck lacks speed spell 3, so putting a solemn in for this card fits in nicely.
  • Mirror force helps out for those high attack powered monsters and can be replaced with cards like lightning vortex, shrink, book of moon, etc...
  • Monster reborn pawns. ENOUGH SAID!
  • Monk fits in perfectly with all the magic cards and it helps with the quick synchro of a level 8 monster.
  • Rose warrior is there for synchro and reinforcement. It is also good food for colossal.
  • Soldier can be put in place for almost any other level 4 tuner. I like him because of his bounce effect.
  • Heavy storm to clear the field for pesky cards like solemn, dark bribe, etc...

Well that is it. Enjoy the deck because I sure did with the amount of matches I won. Atem Rules 11:08, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Flamvell Assault

Later on I will place here a flamvell assault deck. Focuses on using Flamvell Helldog effect, flamvell and fire support cards to get out lvl 10 assault mode monsters. 3 Shrinks are a must for this deck. You can add more sacking cards and place in cards like Spirit of Flames.Atem Rules 01:21, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

Dark World Buster

Later on I will place here a DW Buster lvl 4 deck. It uses the level 4 non tuner and level 4 tuner combination to get out a level 8 synchro monster. It revolves around Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World.

DW Buster lvl 5 deck is another one I will place here. Uses the level 5 non tuner and level 3 tuner combination to get out a level 8 synchro monster. It revolves around Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World or Sillva, Warlord of Dark World. Both decks use SDAM even though you can use any other lvl 10 assault mode monster.Atem Rules 01:28, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

Dark World's Savior

I also will post a Dark World Savior deck which revolves around getting Savior Star Dragon out. You could possibly get out other savior monsters with this strategy. It uses G.B. Hunter, Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World, Sillva, Warlord of Dark World, Stardust Xiaolong, Wicked Rebirth, Skill Drain, Red Ant Azcatl, Card of Safe Return, milling, and Dark World support cards to achieve this. Atem Rules 01:40, 2 August 2009 (UTC)


Later on I will place here a tele-assault deck which is similar to tele-dad. You can use whatever lvl 8 and 10 assault mode monster you want, but I prefer Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. I haven't seen a tele-assault that used lvl 9 and 11 AM monsters. I'll post one that was usable in a past format then I will post one for the current format.Atem Rules 01:21, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

Past Format Tele-Assault (TCG)

(Remember, pluses mean you have to have it in the deck) This is similar to tele-dad except Dark Armed Dragon is taken out, but assault mode monsters and some of their support cards are added in. Depending on how you build this it can be very different from the one right here. It pretty much had the same strength and weaknesses as tele-dad accept; the strategy is compound and there is a slight increased chance of getting more bad hands then you would with a tele-dad, but tele-assault has more powerful monsters. When tele-dad was shot down, the bullet went right through it and hit this not as popular deck type.

  • If you really must use the 3 assault teleport, 3 am monster, and 3 diamond dude combo. Then take out the magical mallets, and 3 other cards. Assault Teleport seems to run better in decks that have cards like Summoner Monk, but even in that scenario I still don't recommend having 3 assault teles and 3 AM monsters.
  • Didn't have enough darks (in my opinion) to run 3 allure and not enough destiny heros to run 3 destiny draws. So I ran 2 for each and then added in 2 magical mallet. It felt more consistent that way.

Atem Rules 00:29, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Blackwing Buster

Later on I will place here a Blackwing Buster deck which takes advantage of the bws swarming to get out lvl 10 am monsters. Atem Rules 01:18, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

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