Union combination 1

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Union combination 1
English Union combination 1
Type Strategy Card
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Card ImageStrategyCard5-DP2-EN +
Card Image TextStrategyCard5-DP2-EN.jpg +
Card typeStrategy Card +
Card type TextStrategy Card +
Class 1FAQ +
English nameUnion combination 1 +
English name (linked)Union combination 1 +
LoreIf your goal is to amass a fleet of "[[VWXIf your goal is to amass a fleet of "V to Z" monsters and use their Union and Fusion abilities, then "Frontline Base" is your card. It allows you to Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Union Monster each turn, quickly increasing your presence on the field. Summon compatible monsters at the same time and combine them together!t the same time and combine them together!
Page nameUnion combination 1 +
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Set information--- DP2-EN05 --- Duelist Pack: Chazz Princeton --- Common --- English --- +
Set information (JSON){ "number": "DP2-EN05", "name": "Duelist Pack: Chazz Princeton", "rarity": "Common", "region": "English" } +
TypeStrategy Card +
Type TextStrategy Card +
TypesStrategy Card +

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