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Union monster



ユニオン(モンスター)[Notes 1]

Japanese (romanized)



Union (monster)
Formerly: Union (Monster)

Appears in (anime)


Union monsters (ユニオンモンスター Yunionmonsutā) can be recognized by the fact that, where on an ordinary Effect Monster it would read 'Effect', Union monsters have 'Union'. Cards such as "Worm Millidith", "Dark Necrofear", "Kiseitai" or "Armory Arm" act as Equip Spell Cards but do not have the text designating them Union monsters; the latter of the forementioned four can even become a monster again.

Union monsters are a special type of Effect Monster with (Type)/Union in their card text. They can function like an Equip Spell Card, and thus become vulnerable to cards that destroy Spell Cards, such as "Mystical Space Typhoon". They equip to the host Monster their text designates and generally grant it additional strength, such as an increase in ATK/DEF. Earlier Union monsters destroy themselves to protect the host Monster if it would be destroyed by battle while equipped. More recent Union monsters, though, such as "Heavy Mech Support Platform", "Spirit of the Six Samurai" and "Armored Cybern", also protect the host monster from any kind of destruction.

Union monsters can either equip or unequip to the host once per turn with their own effect, given they are on the field. Additional cards, such as "Formation Union" and "Combination Attack" allow them to equip and unequip alternatively. Some Union monsters fuse with their hosts (e.g. "V-Tiger Jet" and "W-Wing Catapult" to form "VW-Tiger Catapult", or "Dark Blade" and "Pitch-Dark Dragon" to form "Dark Blade the Dragon Knight"). The Union monsters in the VWXYZ series Summon their Fusion Monsters by banishing their Fusion Material Monsters from the field, through a process similar to Contact Fusion.

After a prolonged absence, Union monsters made a comeback in Structure Deck 18: Machiners Command, which introduced a number of new Union monsters, including "Machina Gearframe", with the highest ATK of any level 4 or lower Union monster in the game, and "Machina Peacekeeper", who can search another Union monster out of your deck when destroyed, whether in monster or Equip Card form. While neither grants anything to their equipped monster besides destruction protection, their uses outside of being Equip Cards are a great asset to decks that incorporate Union monsters.

The equip-themed Vylon archetype contains several Union monsters.




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  1. The parentheses here specify what part is not shown on the cards' Type/Ability line.

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