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Ultimate God

The Ultimate God's brief appearance.

The Ultimate God (究極神, Kyūkyoku-shin) is a being in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga. Both Roman and Rex Goodwin's true plans involve resurrecting and controlling this being.[1]

The Ultimate God is located at the bottom of the Aerial Fortress Seibal, and is sleeping since ancient times. In the past, rituals were conducted between Duel Priests, in order to combat and seal this being, who people feared. It is said that should a Duel Priestess lose the ritual Duel, the Ultimate God shall awaken.[2] It also appears that in order to keep this God sealed, not only the Duel Priestess must win, but she should also be offered as a sacrifice for the God.[3]

In the thirtieth century B.C., Rex and Roman became Duel Priests and conduced the Festival of Duality attempting to revive this God who was said to be able to realize any wish - they wanted to revive Ix Quic Goodwin, the previous Duel Priestess who was sacrificed for the ritual. For that purpose, they convinced the Duel Priestess from that time to lose on purpose, which caused the sun to hide and a disaster to happen, killing many people. Rex and Roman then headed towards the Aerial Fortress Seibal in order to reach the God; however, Rex was completely dominated by its colossal dark miasma, causing him to go crazy.[2][3]

Ultimate God roars

The Ultimate God roars.

In the present, Rex and Roman use Sect Ijuin and Akiza Izinski as the Duel Priests to conduce the Ritual Duel once more in an attempt to revive the Ultimate God. For that purpose, Goodwin always planned on Akiza's defeat.[2]

After Akiza loses the ritual Duel, the Ultimate God opens its eyes.[4] With Sect's victory, he becomes the King of Earth's Lock. Rex, Roman, Yusei and Jack then conduce Duels inside Seibal in order to decide the King of Sky's Lock, who would conduce a Duel against the King of Earth's Lock which may open the Ultimate God's door and set him free.[5]

Finally, Yusei becomes the King of Sky's Lock, and Duels against Sect. Meanwhile, the defeated Duel Priestess, Akiza, is offered as a sacrifice, with the Ultimate God slowly draining her life. In the beginning of the final ritual Duel, the Ultimate God starts its resurrection, and produces a roar which thrills Yusei and Jack due to its power.[6]

Ultimate God final blow

The God's miasma as Yusei's and Sect's monsters prepare to deliver the final blow.

Once Yusei frees Sect from the miasma of his Duel Dragon and brings him back to his old self, Yusei and Sect plan on a way to seal the Ultimate God for good. Sect reminds about the Skeleton Knight explaining to him about the "Sense of Light", which shall seal the Ultimate God. As Yusei and Sect deliver the final blow of the Duel, with the Ultimate God ready to revive, they create the "Cross Sense Final Section" - the "Sense of Light" which eradicates the Ultimate God's massive miasma and puts him back to sleep, freeing Akiza.[7]

When Rex Goodwin summons "Ultimaya Tzolk'in the Ultimate God" in his Duel with Yusei, the Ultimate God awakens and breaks free from his seal. Then it transforms into a gigantic red dragon as well as becoming Goodwin's monster.[8]


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