Two-Headed Jackal Warrior (そうとうのジャッカルせん Sōtō no Jakkaru Senshi) is a ka in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, summoned by Shada.


During the battle at Kul Elna, where Dark Yugi and Shada faced Bakura, King of Thieves, Bakura hid his Diabound, using its "Shadow Camouflage" ability. In response, Shada summoned Two-Headed Jackal Warrior, who was able to locate Diabound using its sharp sense of smell. Although it succeeded in exposing Diabound, its attack was ineffective and Diabound was already about to launch a "Thunder Force" attack on Atem. Two-Headed Jackal Warrior then threw itself in front of the attack, in suicide, to shield Atem long enough for Shada to push him to safety.[1]


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Duel 37: "Shadow Camouflage!!"

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