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Turn (Japanese: ターン Tān) is the way of ordering a play sufficiently between players during a Duel, when a player can choose their actions based on their cards' effects and the order of the phases.

Every turn is divided into the six following phases:

  1. Draw Phase
  2. Standby Phase
  3. Main Phase 1
  4. Battle Phase
  5. Main Phase 2
  6. End Phase

The turn player must go through one or more of these phases until they've finished their End Phase.


A turn could only begin when a player has conducted a phase out of the six phases, usually off first with the Draw Phase. A turn could only end after an End Phase.

Draw PhaseStandby PhaseMain Phase 1Battle PhaseMain Phase 2End PhaseStart StepBattle StepDamage StepEnd StepTurn Structure Chart
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Order of a turn.

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