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The Tsukuyomi Lockdown was very popular in Japan, but was decimated in the April 2006 List changes, and totally eradicated in the September 2006 List changes. The second method was made somewhat viable with the January 2014 Lists.

It involved the following cards:

The aim is to keep flipping "Mask of Darkness" getting back either "Time Seal" or "Drop Off", and using "Tsukuyomi" to flip it face-down again, to keep re-using its effect. You may set and activate "Time Seal"/"Drop Off" by using "Temple of the Kings".

This is obviously best attempted with a clear field and minimal cards in your opponent's hand.

Another popular Tsukuyomi Lockdown appeared in the Spellcaster's Judgment Structure Deck. It involved:

The aim is to keep flipping "Magician of Faith" getting back Spell Cards from the Graveyard to re-use and summoning "Tsukuyomi" to flip it face-down again, re-using its effect while protecting yourself with "Swords of Revealing Light" and when "Swords of Revealing Light" is destroyed you use "Magician of Faith" to bring it back, preventing your opponent from attacking.

Tsukuyomi Mill deck by NumberAstral

similar strategy but with needle worm's flip summon then tsukuyomi also robbin zombie works if opponent has no monsters and gravekeeper's servant for defense

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