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A "Tricky Turbo" Deck is essentially a cheaper version of the popular "Quickdraw Turbo deck. The key difference is the use of "The Tricky" in place of "Quickdraw Synchron", due to "The Tricky's" greater synergy with Synchro Monster's and cheaper price.

The way the deck works is as follows: Use Effect Veiler's Effect to get it in your graveyard. Discard Stardust Xiaolong using The Tricky's effect, and special summon The Tricky. Use Reinforcements of the Army or Tuning to search for Junk Synchron, and summon it. Its effect activates and you Summon Effect Veiler, then Synchro The Tricky and Junk Synchron to summon Stardust Dragon. Activate Stardust Xiaolong's effect to special summon it's self, and Synchro with the remaining Effect Veiler to summon Formula Synchron. Synchro Stardust Dragon and Formula Synchron to summon Shooting Star Dragon.

There are many possible ways to do this in a different way, but the easiest is the one given above. Another way is to use Cyber Dragon in Replace of The Tricky, assuming you have the other required cards. Other Notable Tech cards are Volcanic Shell so that you don't lose cards when paying The Tricky's Cost. This deck is very reliant on key cards and combos that is why a lot of draw power is needed in this deck, useful cards for this would be Upstart Goblin, Pot of Duality, and Card Destruction. Pot of Avarice is recommended due to the constant use of Synchros and monsters ending up in your Graveyard.

Possible additions to this deck are "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", since you run many monsters with over 2000 ATK, "Dark Simorgh", because you run WIND and DARK monsters, and "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning", for the same reasons as Chaos Sorcerer.

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