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Clockwise, from top right: "Trickstar Holly Angel", "Candina", "Lycorissica" and "Lilybell" in the artwork of "Trickstar Lightstage"

  • トリックスター
  • Torikkusutā (romanized)


Anime appearances

"Trickstar" is an archetype of female LIGHT Fairy-Type monsters used by Aoi Zaizen in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.


Trickster (anime)

Blue Angel with "Trickstar Holly Angel", "Lilybell" and "Lycorissica in the anime.

The "Trickstar" monsters are based on Japanese idols and named after flowers.


Trickstar Origin Damage Trigger
Candina Candytuft 200 A Spell or Trap Card is activated by the opponent
Holly Angel Hollyhocks A "Trickster" monster is Summoned to one of its Link Points
Lycorissica Lycoris One or more cards are added to the opponent's hand
Lilybell Lilium N/A N/A

Playing style

The primary strategy of a "Trickstar" Deck is dealing small amounts of effect damage, usually 200 points, multiple times through various effects. "Trickstar Candina" will deal damage whenever your opponent activates a Spell or Trap, "Trickstar Lycorissica" will deal damage for each card your opponent adds to their hand (including those drawn by effect or for their Draw Phase), "Trickstar Holly Angel" will deal damage whenever a "Trickstar" is summoned to one of her Link Points, and "Trickstar Lightstage" will deal damage whenever one of your "Trickstar" monsters deals damage. The archetype is not without the ability to deal battle damage, however; "Holly Angel" gains ATK each time a "Trickstar" monster deals damage, including herself, and "Trickstar Lilybell" can bypass your opponent's monsters and attack directly.

Their secondary strategy is to disrupt your opponent's plays to prevent them from mounting a comeback. "Lightstage" can lock down their Set Spells and Traps for a turn before forcing a "use it or lose it" scenario, while "Trickstar Reincarnation" will banish their hand face-down and draw an equal number of new cards for them (which can also deal significant burn damage off of "Lycorissica's" effect), eliminating the benefit of search cards and cards that activate in the Graveyard. Additionally, "Holy Angel" will prevent the "Trickstar" monsters in her Link Points from being destroyed while "Lycorissica" can return them from the field to the hand to avoid other removal effects.

The archetype also has lots of search and recovery power to it. "Lightstage" can search any of the "Trickstar" monsters on activation, while "Candina" can search any "Trickstar" card, including herself, when Normal Summoned. This will often be "Lilybell," which you can then Special Summon, allowing you to promptly Link Summon "Holly Angel" or attack directly with "Lilybell" via its effect to recover a "Trickstar" card from the Graveyard. "Lycorissica" can return "Candina" to your hand to allow you to Summon her and search again, while "Reincarnation" can be banished from the Graveyard to Special Summon a "Trickstar" from your Graveyard.

Recommended cards

Official Decklists

"Trickstar" Deck[1]



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