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This Property entry details every card that treats monster(s) as a different Attribute.

All TCG/OCG "Treated as multiple Attributes" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilightカオス・ソルジャー -宵闇の使者-Effect Monster
Monster Card
Contrast HERO ChaosC・HERO カオスFusion Monster
Monster Card
Dark Simorghダーク・シムルグEffect Monster
Monster Card
DARKWinged Beast727001000
Elemental HERO ElectrumE・HERO エリクシーラーFusion Monster
Monster Card
Elemental Mistress Doriado精霊術師 ドリアードRitual Monster
Monster Card
Elysion the Eidolon Beast召喚獣エリュシオンMonster Card
Fusion Monster
Light and Darkness Dragon光と闇の竜Effect Monster
Monster Card
Sphere of Chaos混沌球体Effect Monster
Monster Card

All Anime "Treated as multiple Attributes" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Elemental Hero Electrum (anime)E・HERO エリクシーラーMonster CardLIGHTWarrior100000290000002600
Elemental Mistress Doriado (anime)精霊術師 ドリアードMonster CardLIGHTSpellcaster30000120000001400

All Manga "Treated as multiple Attributes" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Contrast Hero Chaos (manga)C・HERO カオスMonster CardDARKWarrior90000300000002600

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