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Trap Hole
The original "Trap Hole"

  • ()とし(あな)
  • 落とし穴 (base)
  • おとしあな (ruby)
  • Otoshiana (romanized)
  • Pitfall (translated)


  • 陷坑
  • Xiànkēng (pinyin)
  • Haam6 haang1 (jyutping)
  • Pitfall (translated)


  • Trappe


  • Fallgrube


  • Buco Trappola


  • 함정 속으로
  • 陷穽 ??? (Hanja)
  • Hamjeong Sog-euro (romanized)
  • Pitfall (translated)


  • Buraco


  • Agujero Trampa


Anime appearances

Manga appearances

"Trap Hole", known as "Pitfall" (()とし(あな) Otoshiana) in the OCG, is an archetype of Trap Cards having "Trap Hole" in their names. These cards are counterparts of the original "Trap Hole". With the exception of "Adhesion Trap Hole", "Trap Hole" cards have effects that destroy 1 or more monsters under certain conditions. This archetype is "anti-supported" by "Goblin Pothole Squad" and supported by the "Traptrix" archetype.

Although they are related to the "Hole" archetype through the "Traptrix", they are a separate group of cards. Since all support for the "Hole" archetype also supports the "Trap Hole" archetype, in the TCG, the "Trap Hole" archetype is treated as a subset of the "Hole" archetype.

"Darkfall" (formerly known as "Dark Trap Hole") is not a member of this archetype since its Japanese name does not contain 「落とし穴」 (its Japanese name contains 「落とし穴」, with the kanji 「大」 interrupting 「落とし穴」). "Chaos Trap Hole" and "Gemini Trap Hole" are "Hole" cards but not "Trap Hole" cards, since their Japanese names contain 「ホール」 Hole but not 「落とし穴」 Pitfall.


A knight, orange goblin, and/or green goblin appear in the artworks of most "Trap Hole" cards; the exceptions are "Deep Dark Trap Hole" (featuring "Goyo Guardian"), "Trap Hole of Spikes" and "Time-Space Trap Hole" (not featuring a victim), and "Void Trap Hole" (featuring "Brionac", "Gungnir", and "Trishula").

Orange Green Knight
Acid Trap Hole Yes
Adhesion Trap Hole Yes
Bottomless Trap Hole Yes
D.D. Trap Hole Yes
Double Trap Hole Yes Yes
Endless Trap Hole Yes
Giant Trap Hole Yes Yes Yes
Trap Hole Yes
Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare Yes Yes Yes
Treacherous Trap Hole Yes Yes

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