Toy Box
  • Japanese: トイ・ボックス
  • Romaji: Toi Bokkusu
Card type




You can place up to 2 Toy monsters from your hand or field in the Toy Box. When the Toy Box is empty, this card goes to the Graveyard.

Viz Media lore?: Special Summon 1 "Toy Box Token" to your side of the field. When "Toy Box Token" is summoned successfully, select 1 or 2 monsters from your side of the field or your hand and remove them from play face down. This token cannot be declared as an attack target and is unaffected by the effects of Spell Cards. Once per turn, during either player's turn, the "Toy Box Token" can Special Summon 1 of the monsters that was removed from play by its effect. When all removed monsters are restored to the play, destroy "Toy Box Token".

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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese トイ・ボックス トイ・ボックスには場や手札のトイ・モンスターを2体まで納めることが出来る。トイ・ボックスが空になるとこのカードは墓地へ行く



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