Not to be confused with Tournament Pack 4, which had a Korean release with the prefix TP4.

This pack is the Korean version of Japan's Tournament Pack 2007 Vol.4, except the Normal Parallel Rare cards are Super Rare instead.


The set includes 12 cards. This is comprised of:



Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
TP04-KR001 Marshmallon 마슈마론 Super Rare Effect Monster
TP04-KR002 Meteor B. Dragon 메테오 블랙 드래곤 Super Rare Fusion Monster
TP04-KR003 Fairy's Gift 요정의 선물 Common Normal Monster
TP04-KR004 Meteor Dragon 메테오 드래곤 Common Normal Monster
TP04-KR005 Gale Dogra 게일 도그라 Common Effect Monster
TP04-KR006 Rare Metal Dragon 레어메탈 드래곤 Common Effect Monster
TP04-KR007 Peten the Dark Clown 어둠의 어릿광대 페텐 Common Effect Monster
TP04-KR008 Man-eating Black Shark 검은 식인 상어 Common Fusion Monster
TP04-KR009 Spell Shattering Arrow 마법 효과의 화살 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TP04-KR010 Marshmallon Glasses 마슈마론 안경 Common Continuous Spell Card
TP04-KR011 Raimei 뇌명 Common Normal Spell Card
TP04-KR012 Acid Trap Hole 황산의 함정 속으로 Common Normal Trap Card