At each official Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game there is a Tournament Organizer. The Tournament Organizer is not necessarily the owner of the tournament location or a Judge for the tournament itself, though one can also do that, but is the leader and commander of the tournament. While questions about rulings are asked to a Judge or Head Judge, questions about the event are asked to the Tournament Organizer.

The Tournament Organizer is in charge of making sure a tournament runs smoothly, which involves getting players paired off, using Konami's program for organizing tournaments and preparing them, and handing out prizes accordingly as agreed with the location owner and Konami (if involving Sneak Preview packs or Turbo Packs), among other things.

In minor tournaments such as locals, a Tournament Organizer can also act as a Judge or Head Judge. However, in higher level tournaments like Regionals, it is suggested that the Tournament Organizer be just that and leave everything else to the Judges. As such, in most Regionals and higher level tournaments, the Tournament Organizer does NOT have the power to eject a player from a tournament unless the Tournament Organizer is also the location owner.

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