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1st and 3rd format: Toon (monster)
2nd format: Toon (Monster)

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Appears in (manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist


Toon monsters (トゥーンモンスター Tūnmonsutā) are Effect Monsters with the ability "Toon". They are cartoonized counterparts of existing monsters, capable of attacking the opponent directly. All Toon monsters belong to the "Toon" archetype (including "Manga Ryu-Ran", since its Japanese name does contain "トゥーン").

There are four classes of "Toon monsters", dubbed by fans Class A, B, C, and D.

Toon monsters were the first Effect Monsters with an ability to be introduced, debuting in Spell Ruler. While Flip monsters (as Flip Effect Monsters) were introduced earlier, they were not treated as having an ability until much later.

In the manga and anime, they are the signature monsters of Maximillion Pegasus.

Playing style


  • The main strategy of a Toon Deck is direct attacks on your opponent. "Toon World" is required for Toons to attack your opponent directly while they have monsters on their side of the field.
  • Since most Toon monsters can be Special Summoned from the hand by their own effect if "Toon World" is present on the field, you can Summon more than one Toon per turn. Although Toon monsters Level 5 and above require Tributes for their Special Summon, as the Tributes are not Tributes for a Tribute Summon, you can Tribute Token Monsters generated from cards like "Scapegoat" and "Fires of Doomsday".
  • Use "Soul Exchange" for Tributes for Toon monsters, since they cannot attack the turn they are Summoned.
  • Special Summon a "Toon Mermaid" and Tribute her for a stronger Toon monster.
  • Swarming for fast Tuning, since a lot of the Toon monsters can be Special Summoned when "Toon World" is on the field you can create a big swarm of monsters and Summon a Tuner monster for a fast Synchro Summon
  • "Forbidden Chalice" can be used to negate the effect of a Toon monster, so it will not be destroyed when "Toon World" is destroyed, and it can also negate the Continuous Effects of Toons, so they can attack during the turn they are Summoned, but will also lose their direct attack effects.
  • "Vengeful Bog Spirit" can be very useful in a Toon Deck, because, while it will not impair your Toons much (since they cannot attack when they are Summoned anyway), it will impair your opponent greatly.
  • "Creature Swap" is also very good in a Toon Deck, because your opponent will be forced to attack your Toon monsters, if you swap a Toon.


  • It is not easy to keep the Toons long enough on the for their Direct attack effect to take effect. "Gravity Bind" is always a good card to stall as it gives your monsters time to 'warm-up' so to speak. But as the Toons are all Level 4 or above "Gravity Bind" may not work as it prevents them from attacking. "Nightmare's Steelcage" may be more useful as it gives you the time to activate your Toon's effect and "Nightmare's Steelcage" leaves the field two Turn's later enabling you to play their Direct attack effect.

Classes of Toon monster

Class A

  • If your opponent controls a Toon monster, it must select a Toon monster as the attack target when attacking.

Class A Toons: "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon", "Toon Summoned Skull", "Manga Ryu-Ran", "Toon Mermaid"

Class B

  • If "Toon World" is destroyed, it is also destroyed.
  • If your opponent controls a Toon monster, it must select a Toon monster as the attack target when attacking.

Class B Toons: "Toon Dark Magician Girl"

Class C

  • Cannot Special Summon itself from the hand.
  • Does not require "Toon World" to be on the field to be Summoned/Set.

Class C Toons: "Toon Cannon Soldier", "Toon Gemini Elf", "Toon Goblin Attack Force", "Toon Masked Sorcerer".

Class D

  • Cannot Special Summon itself from the hand (unless due to the source card's effect).
  • Does not require "Toon World" to be on the field to be Summoned/Set.

Class D Toons: "Toon Ancient Gear Golem", "Toon Cyber Dragon".

Recommended cards

Recommended Cards




  1. The parentheses here specify what part is not shown on the cards' Type/Ability line.

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