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Z-one (center bottom) with (from left to right) "Gabrion", "Metaion", "Sephylon", "Sadion" and "Sandaion".

  • かいしん
  • 時械神 (base)
  • じかいしん (ruby)
  • Jikaishin (romanized)
  • Time Machine God (translated)


  • Seigneur du Temps


  • Herr der Zeit


  • Signore del Tempo


  • 시계신
  • 時械神 (Hanja)
  • Sigyesin (romanized)
  • Time Machine God (translated)


  • Senhor do Tempo


  • Señor del Tiempo


Anime appearances

"Timelord", known as "Time Machine God" (かいしん, Jikaishin) in Japan, is an archetype of Monster Cards used by Z-one. In the OCG, the archetype is exclusively supported by Boss Duel cards.

According to Z-one, there are ten of them, and he refers to them as cards to the Almighty God, the eleventh member ("Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord").

"Necrolancer the Timelord" is not in this archetype, as its Japanese name does not contain "かいしん".


5Dx151 The Life Tree

The Tree of Life and the Timelords

The first ten "Timelords" are based on the ten attributes or emanations of the Tree of Life (also known as the Sephirot), the mystic symbol used in Kabbalah, with "Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord" being named after the Sephirot itself. The "Timelords" are all depicted as machines with screens on their chest that shows a face, which accordingly are the faces of angels. The bodies are then metal suits of armor being manipulated by the angel whose face it contains.

Each of the "Timelords" reflect a part of the Sephirot, as well as one of the archangels (except "Sephylon", who is based on the mystical state Da'at, the divine light, where all Sephirot become one).

Timelords Archangel Sephirah
Metaion, the Timelord Metatron Keter
Lazion, the Timelord Raziel Chokhmah
Zaphion, the Timelord Zaphkiel Binah
Sadion, the Timelord Zadkiel Chesed
Kamion, the Timelord Camael Gevurah
Michion, the Timelord Michael Tiferet
Hailon, the Timelord Haniel Netzach
Raphion, the Timelord Raphael Hod
Gabrion, the Timelord Gabriel Yesod
Sandaion, the Timelord Sandalphon Malkuth
Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord God Da'at


Timelord Lineart


The "Timelords" are Level 10 Fairy-Type monsters of various Attributes, except DARK. The majority have 0 ATK and 0 DEF, except for the last two ("Sandaion" and "Sephylon").

The first ten "Timelords" (excluding "Sephylon") all share the following effects:

"Cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck. If you control no monsters, you can Normal Summon this card without Tributing. Cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. You take no battle damage from attacks involving this Attack Position card. [...] During your Standby Phase: Shuffle this card into the Deck."

In the anime, the shared effects are instead:

"Negate this card's destruction by battle or by card effects. You can reduce any Battle Damage from battles involving this face-up Attack Position card to 0. [...] You cannot Summon monsters. During your Standby Phase, return this face-up card to the Deck."

In addition to the above, each of the first ten "Timelords" has a unique effect of their own. This effect activates at the end of the Battle Phase in which they battle (except for "Raphion", whose effect activates at the end of the Damage Step); in the anime, the effect instead activates right after they battle. The vast majority of these effects involve returning cards back to the hand or Deck and/or dealing effect damage to the opponent. "Lazion" and "Zaphion" (the latter anime only) also have another effect in addition to their Battle Phase effect. A full list of unique effects follows:

  • "Metaion" returns all other monsters on the field back to the hand, and inflicts 300 damage for each monster to the opponent. In the anime, it only returns the opponent's monsters.
  • "Lazion" shuffles all cards in the opponent's Graveyard back into the Deck. In addition, it inflicts 500 damage to the opponent when they draw a card(s). In the anime, it shuffles all cards the opponent controls as well as all cards in their Graveyard into the Deck, and inflicts 1000 damage whenever they draw a card(s) during their Draw Phase.
  • "Zaphion" shuffles all Spell and Trap Cards the opponent controls back into the Deck. In the anime, it had the additional effect of allowing its controller to draw until they had 5 cards in their hand when it left the field (including if it is returned to the Main Deck).
  • "Sadion" makes its controller's LP become 4000, if their LP is lower than 4000.
  • "Kamion" shuffles 1 monster the opponent controls back into the Deck and inflicts 500 damage. In the anime, it shuffles all monsters the opponent controls into the Deck and inflicts 500 damage for each.
  • "Michion" halves the opponent's LP. In the anime, it inflicts damage to the opponent equal to half their LP.
  • "Hailon" inflicts damage to your opponent equal to the difference between your and the opponent's LP, but only if your LP is currently lower than the opponent's. In the anime, it activates regardless of whose LP is higher.
  • "Raphion" inflicts damage to the opponent equal to the ATK of the monster it battled. In the anime, it also returned that monster to the hand.
  • "Gabrion" shuffles 1 card the opponent controls back into the Deck. In the anime, it shuffles all cards the opponent controls into the Deck.
  • "Sandaion" inflicts 2000 damage to the opponent. Additionally, the opponent takes no battle damage from attacks involving it. In the anime, it inflicts 4000 damage, and it is able to inflict battle damage.

"Sephylon" is in a class of its own, possessing none of the effects of the first ten "Timelords". Unlike the other "Timelords", it cannot be Normal Summoned/Set, but can be Special Summoned simply by having any ten or more monsters in the Graveyard. Once per turn, it can Special Summon 1 Level 8 or higher Fairy-Type monster from the hand or Graveyard with its effects negated, but with 4000 ATK.

In the anime, it could only be Special Summoned through "Infinite Light", but has no Normal Summoning conditions. Each turn, it can Special Summon as many of the other "Timelords" as possible back from the hand, Deck, or Graveyard, and make the ATK of all those monsters become 4000. Furthermore, it gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all the "Timelords" on you control other than itself. Additionally, it negates the effect of any monster it battles. Finally, it can protect itself from destruction (and battle damage, if applicable) by banishing another "Timelord".

So far, the only "Timelords" released in the OCG and TCG are "Metaion" and "Sephylon" (excluding Boss Duel-exclusive Tokens).


While the "Timelords" cannot be destroyed, they are not invincible, and can still be removed from the field by other means, such as by being banished or Tributed. It is also possible to remove them from the field by returning them to the hand or Deck, although returning them to the hand is less useful since they can simply be Summoned again next turn.

In addition, cards that can negate a "Timelord"'s effects are extremely useful, as that will strip them of all their protection, generally leaving the opponent with a 0 ATK monster that cannot do anything. (However, this will be less useful against "Sandaion" and "Sephylon".)

Since all "Timelords" are Level 10, cards like "Level Limit - Area B" and "Gravity Bind" can easily prevent them from attacking and being able to use their powerful effects. Since it is very difficult to control more than 1 "Timelord", cards like "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow" and "Hook the Hidden Knight" are also very effective at stopping their attacks.

Cards that can attack the opponent directly, such as "Earthbound Immortal" or "Toon" monsters can be very useful against "Timelords", as they can bypass their protection and effects and deal your opponent significant damage in the process.

Timelords rely on attacking for their effects to go off, so any number of basic stall cards that aim to block the opponent's attacks will stop them as well.


  • In the anime, all the Timelords have a Rare rarity with exception of "Sephylon", which has an Ultra Rare rarity instead.
  • Timelords are also the name of a race of time-manipulators from the series Doctor Who.


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