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Tiger Eyes
Taiga Aizu
English name
  • Tiger Eyes
  • Mob
  • Dangerous Beast[1]
  • Male
Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Ride 10: "Clashing Pride!!"

Appears in
Eyes, Tiger

Tiger Eyes (会津大河, Aizu Taiga) is a character appearing within the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga and was a finalist in the D1GP.


Tiger managed to advance to the second stage of the tournament.[1]. He awaited for participants with the full set of Star Tickets to appear in the Duel Gate and Duel them, but he lost to Yusei Fudo doing so.[2]

An omake from the tankōbon volume 4 revealed that Tiger also Dueled against Adolf Mueller and lost, with Adolf obtaining the Level 3 Star Ticket.


The only shown card in Tiger's Deck was "Ancient Crimson Ape".


Opponent(s) Ride(s) Outcome
Adolf Mueller 34 Lose (off-panel)[Note 1]
Yusei Fudo 39 Lose


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  1. An omake from the tankōbon volume 4 revealed that Tiger Dueled against Adolf Mueller and lost.

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