A. Tie-Breaker Explanation

Official Sanctioned events use a tie-breaker system to determine which Duelist ranks higher when both have the same number of Match Wins. Duelists earn Points based on how well they perform during a Match.

Outcome Points
Win 3
Draw 1
Loss 0

Examples A Duelist has completed 3 rounds of a tournament, and currently has 2 Wins and 1 Draw. The Duelist has 7 Points (3 Points for each Win, and 1 Point for each Draw). The Duelist’s XX equals 7.

Duelists are first ranked based on how many points they have accumulated during the course of a tournament. In addition to points, the Konami Tournament Software (KTS) uses a method to track how strong or weak your tournament schedule has been. It tracks the record of each of your opponents, and the record of your opponent’s opponents to determine the final tie-breakers. This number can be portrayed as follows:
XX Total amount of Points the Duelist has earned during the course of the tournament.
YYY Your opponents’ match-win percentage.
ZZZ Your opponent’s opponents’ match-win percentage.

Examples A Duelist at a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event has a tie-breaker number of 33726677. The number breaks down as follows:

33 (XX): Total amount of points the Duelist earned during the tournament.
726 (YYY): His opponents’ match-win percentage.
677 (ZZZ): His opponent’s opponents’ match-win percentage.

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