Thousand-Eyes Restrict

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Thousand-Eyes Restrict
English Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Chinese (中文) 千眼犧牲
French (Français) Le Renoncé aux Milles Yeux
German (Deutsch) Tausendäugiges Opfer
Italian (Italiano) Limite dei 1000 Occhi
Portuguese (Português) Cegueira dos Mil-Olhos
Spanish (Español) Límite de los Mil Ojos
Japanese (日本語) サウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス
Japanese (rōmaji) (日本語) Sauzando Aizu Sakurifaisu
Japanese (translated) (日本語) Thousand-Eyes Sacrifice
Attribute DARK DARK
Types Spellcaster/Fusion/Effect
Level 1 CG Star
Card Number 63519819
Fusion Material "Relinquished", "Thousand-Eyes Idol"
Materials "Relinquished" + "Thousand-Eyes Idol"
Card effect types Continuous, Ignition, Continuous, Continuous
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    TCG/OCG statuses
    OCGForbiddenTCG AdvancedForbiddenTCG TraditionalLimited
    Card/Deck/Starchip/DP costs
    TSC Deck Cost255
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    Facts about Thousand-Eyes RestrictRDF feed
    ATK0 +
    ATK string0
    ActionsPrevents Battle Position changes +
    Anti-supportNo Entry +
    Arabic nameالخارق ذو الألف عين +
    Archetype supportNo Entry +
    ArchseriesNo Entry +
    Archseries relatedNo Entry +
    AttackPrevents attacks +
    AttributeDARK +
    Attribute TextDark +
    Card ImageThousandEyesRestrictRP02-EN-UR-UE +
    Card Image TextThousandEyesRestrictRP02-EN-UR-UE.jpg +
    Card Number63519819 +
    Card categoryMonster Card +
    Card category TextMonster Card +
    Card typeFusion Monster +
    Card type TextFusion Monster +
    Chinese lore「納祭之魔」+「千眼邪教神」。
    Chinese name千眼犧牲 +
    Class 1Official +
    Class 2Anime +
    Class 3Manga +
    Class 4VG +
    CountersNo Entry +
    Croatian nameTisućuoki Restrikt +
    DEF0 +
    DEF string0
    Effect typeContinuous Monster Effect + and Ignition Effect +
    Effect type TextContinuous Monster Effect + and Ignition Effect +
    English database ID4,740 +
    English nameThousand-Eyes Restrict +
    English name (linked)Thousand-Eyes Restrict +
    French database ID4,740 +
    French nameLe Renoncé aux Milles Yeux +
    Fusion MaterialRelinquished + and Thousand-Eyes Idol +
    Fusion Material forNo Entry +
    GX02 StatusUnlimited +
    GX04 StatusForbidden +
    German database ID4,740 +
    German lore"Aufgegeben" + "[[Thousan"Aufgegeben" + "Tausendäugiger Abgott"
    Solange diese Karte offen auf dem Feld liegt, können andere Monster ihre Position nicht ändern und nicht angreifen. Wähle ein Monster auf der Spielfeldseite deines Gegners. Behandle dieses Monster wie eine Ausrüstungszauberkarte, mit der "Tausendäugiges Opfer" ausgerüstet ist. "Tausendäugiges Opfer" übernimmt ATK und DEF des ausgewählten Monsters (ein verdecktes Monster hat ATK und DEF von 0). Dieser Effekt kann nur einmal pro Zug verwendet werden und "Tausendäugiges Opfer" kann nur mit einem Monster ausgerüstet sein. Wenn "Tausendäugiges Opfer" im Kampf zerstört würde, zerstöre stattdessen das Monster, mit dem "Tausendäugiges Opfer" ausgerüstet ist. Jeglicher Kampfschaden, den du erhälst, wird auch deinem Gegner zugefügt.
    erhälst, wird auch deinem Gegner zugefügt.
    German nameTausendäugiges Opfer +
    Greek nameΕγκαταλελειμμένος Χιλιομάτης +
    Italian database ID4,740 +
    Italian lore"Abbandono" + "[[Thousand"Abbandono" + "Idolo dai 1000 Occhi"
    Gli altri mostri non possono cambiare posizione o attaccare. Una volta per turno, puoi equipaggiare 1 mostro controllato dal tuo avversario a questa carta (massimo 1). L'ATK e il DEF di questa carta diventano uguali a quelli del mostro equipaggiato. Se questa carta verrebbe distrutta in battaglia, distruggi invece il mostro equipaggiato.
    distruggi]] invece il mostro equipaggiato.
    Italian nameLimite dei 1000 Occhi +
    Japanese database ID4,740 +
    Japanese kana nameサウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス +
    Japanese lore「サクリファイス」+「千眼の邪教神」
    Japanese nameサウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス +
    Level1 +
    Life PointsNo Entry +
    Card CategoryCard Type
    Monster CardRitual Monster
    You can Ritual Summon this card with "Black Illusion Ritual". Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; equip that target to this card. (You can only equip 1 monster at a time to this card with this effect.) This card's ATK and DEF become equal to that equipped monster's. If this card would be destroyed by battle, destroy that equipped monster instead. While equipped with that monster, any battle damage you take from battles involving this card inflicts equal effect damage to your opponent.
    " + "Thousand-Eyes Idol
    Thousand-Eyes Idol
    Card CategoryCard Type
    Monster CardNormal Monster
    A wicked entity that controls the hearts of men, its thousand eyes are able to see and expand the negative influences in an individual's soul.
    Other monsters cannot change their battle position or attack. Once per turn, you can equip 1 monster your opponent controls to this card (max 1). This card's ATK and DEF become the same as the equipped monster's. If this card would be destroyed by battle, the equipped monster is destroyed instead.
    equipped monster is destroyed instead.</td></tr>
    Materials</td>"Relinquished" + "Thousand-Eyes Idol" +</td></tr>
    Medium</td>GX02 +, GX04 +, NTR +, TSC +, WC6 +, Yu-Gi-Oh! second series anime +, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Manga +, TCG + and OCG +</td></tr>
    Misc</td>Limited activations + and Cover Cards +</td></tr>
    MonsterSpellTrap</td>Treats monsters as Equip Cards + and Redirects destruction +</td></tr>
    Monster type</td>No Entry +</td></tr>
    NTR Status</td>Unlimited +</td></tr>
    OCG Status</td>Forbidden +</td></tr>
    Page name</td>Thousand-Eyes Restrict +</td></tr>
    Page type</td>Card page +</td></tr>
    Phonetic name</td>Sauzando Aizu Sakurifaisu +</td></tr>
    Portuguese lore</td>"Relinquished" + "[[Thousand-Eyes Idol"Relinquished" + "Thousand-Eyes Idol"
    Nenhum outro monstro no campo pode alterar sua Posição de Batalha ou declarar um ataque. Uma vez por turno, você pode equipar 1 monstro que o seu oponente controla nesta carta (máx. 1 monstro equipado por vez nesta carta). O ATK e a DEF desta carta tornam-se iguais ao ATK e a DEF do monstro equipado. Se esta carta seria destruída em batalha, o monstro equipado é destruído em vez disso.
    monstro equipado é destruído em vez disso.</td></tr>
    Portuguese name</td>Cegueira dos Mil-Olhos +</td></tr>
    RFP</td>No Entry +</td></tr>
    Romaji name</td>Sauzando Aizu Sakurifaisu +</td></tr>
    Ruby Japanese name</td>サウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス</td></tr>
    Set information</td>--- PSV-EN084 --- Pharaoh's Servant --- Ultra Rare --- English (EN) --- +, --- DB1-EN195 --- Dark Beginning 1 --- Ultra Rare --- English (EN) --- +, --- MC1-EN004 --- Master Collection Volume 1 --- Secret Rare --- English (EN) --- +, --- RP02-EN021 --- Retro Pack 2 --- Ultra Rare --- English (EN) --- +, --- PSV-084 --- Pharaoh's Servant --- Ultra Rare --- English (NA) --- +, --- DL1-001 --- Duelist League Series 1 participation cards --- Super Rare --- English (NA) --- +, --- PSV-E084 --- Pharaoh's Servant --- Ultra Rare --- English (E) --- +, --- SDP-F084 --- Pharaoh's Servant --- Ultra Rare --- French --- +, --- RP02-FR021 --- Retro Pack 2 --- Ultra Rare --- French --- +, --- PSV-G084 --- Pharaoh's Servant --- Ultra Rare --- German --- +, --- DB1-DE195 --- Dark Beginning 1 --- Ultra Rare --- German --- +, --- RP02-DE021 --- Retro Pack 2 --- Ultra Rare --- German --- +, --- SDF-I084 --- Pharaoh's Servant --- Ultra Rare --- Italian --- +, --- RP02-IT021 --- Retro Pack 2 --- Ultra Rare --- Italian --- +, --- DB1-SP195 --- Dark Beginning 1 --- Ultra Rare --- Spanish --- +, --- RP02-SP021 --- Retro Pack 2 --- Ultra Rare --- Spanish --- +, --- TB-34 --- Thousand Eyes Bible --- Ultimate Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- TB-34 --- Thousand Eyes Bible --- Ultra Parallel Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- TB-34 --- Thousand Eyes Bible --- Ultra Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- PE-40 --- Pegasus Structure Deck --- Common --- Japanese --- +, --- DL3-030 --- Duelist Legacy Volume.3 --- Ultra Parallel Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- DL3-030 --- Duelist Legacy Volume.3 --- Ultra Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- BE1-JP195 --- Beginner's Edition.1 --- Ultra Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- BE01-JP167 --- Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG - Beginner's Edition 1 --- Super Rare --- Japanese --- +, --- PSV-K083 --- Pharaoh's Servant --- Ultra Rare --- Korean --- + and --- BP1-KR194 --- Beginner's Edition.1 --- Ultra Rare --- Korean --- +</td></tr>
    Spanish database ID</td>4,740 +</td></tr>
    Spanish lore</td>"Renunciado" + "Ídolo de los Mil Ojos"<br "Renunciado" + "Ídolo de los Mil Ojos"
    Otros monstruos no pueden cambiar sus posiciones de batalla o atacar. Una vez por turno, puedes equipar a esta carta 1 monstruo que controle tu adversario (max.1). El ATK y la DEF de esta carta se convierten en la misma cantidad que la del monstruo equipado a esta carta. Si esta carta es destruida como resultado de una batalla, el monstruo equipado es destruido en su lugar.
    onstruo equipado es destruido en su lugar.</td></tr>
    Spanish name</td>Límite de los Mil Ojos +</td></tr>
    Stats</td>This card gains ATK + and This card gains DEF +</td></tr>
    Summoning</td>2 Fusion Materials + and Can be Special Summoned +</td></tr>
    Support</td>No Entry +</td></tr>
    Synchro Material for</td>No Entry +</td></tr>
    TCG Advanced Format Status</td>Forbidden +</td></tr>
    TCG Traditional Format Status</td>Limited +</td></tr>
    TSC Deck Cost</td>255 +</td></tr>
    TSC Status</td>Unlimited +</td></tr>
    TSC number</td>734 +</td></tr>
    Translated name</td>Thousand-Eyes Sacrifice +</td></tr>
    Type</td>Spellcaster +</td></tr>
    Type3</td>Effect +</td></tr>
    Type Text</td>Spellcaster +</td></tr>
    Types</td>Spellcaster +, Fusion + and Effect +</td></tr>
    WC6 Status</td>Unlimited +</td></tr>
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist chapter appearances</td>071 +</td></tr>
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist chapter appearances (linked)</td>071 +</td></tr>
    Yu-Gi-Oh! episode appearances</td>039 + and 151 +</td></tr>
    Yu-Gi-Oh! episode appearances (linked)</td>039 + and 151 +</td></tr></table></div>

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