The Unfriendly Amazon
  • Japanese: 味方殺しの女騎士
  • Romaji: Mikatagoroshi no Onnakishi
  • Translated: Ally-Killing Lady Knight
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4 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg


2000 / 1000

Effect type

Offer 1 of your monsters on the field as a Tribute (excluding this monster) during each of your Standby Phases. If you cannot, this card is destroyed. Monsters used for a Tribute Summon or that are offered as Tributes due to other cards' effects are excluded.

Other languages

Name Lore
French L'Amazone Hostile Sacrifiez 1 monstre sur votre Terrain (ce monstre exclu) durant chacune de vos Standby Phases. Si vous ne sacrifiez pas, cette carte est détruite.
German Unfreundliche Amazone Biete in jeder deiner Standby Phasen 1 Monster (ausgenommen dieses) von deiner Spielfeldseite als Tribut an. Falls du dies nicht tust, wird diese Karte zerstört.
Italian L'Amazzone Scorbutica Offri 1 mostro sul tuo Terreno come Tributo (escluso questo mostro) durante ogni tua Standby Phase. Se non lo fai, distruggi questa carta.
Spanish La Amazona Antipática Ofrece 1 monstruo en tu Campo como Sacrificio (excluyendo a este monstruo) durante cada una de tus Standby Phases. Si no lo haces, destruye esta carta.

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