The Turning Point: Just Me and My Duel Runner

WC11 Chapter 3

English name

~The Turning Point~ Just Me and My Duel Runner

Japanese name


Rōmaji name

Dī-Hoīru to Tomoni

English name (Asia)

With the D-Wheel

Video game

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus



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"~The Turning Point~ Just Me and My Duel Runner", known as "With the D-Wheel" in the Japanese version, is the third chapter in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus.


The player goes to Toru's house to give him the Duel Runner parts Yusei gave them and tells the story about what happened in Satellite. Later, the player goes to West's hideout and tells him and Nico the story about the trip. Toru appears and tells them that his Duel Runner is completed and that he will test drive it. Later, Toru asks the player to test the Duel Runner. At the next day, Toru tells the player that he is going to New Domino City, and the player tells Klaus that they also want to go there, but Klaus says that the player would just waste their time there.

The next day, Nico appears to be lost and West asks the player to help him find her. At the outside of the town Klaus appears and says that the war between the Malcolm family and Radley's group is getting serious. The player must find Nico, with the fight between Malcolm and Radley over the Town. The player first meets Virgil, a member of Radley's Group, and Duels him. After defeating Virgil, the player keeps their search for Nico, but is stopped by Jemma, a member of Malcolm's Family, and Duels him.

After defeating Jemma, the player finds Nico in the hideout. Nico tells the player that a stranger was yelling at her all the time and because of that she went to hide herself. The player and Nico go back to the player's house, but they are stopped by Scotch, another of Radley's Group, who Duels the player. After defeating Scotch, the player returns to their house with Nico. There, West was waiting for his sister with Klaus.

Klaus asks Nico and West to stay with him and the player during the night. At the next day, Klaus tells the player that he left Nico and West in their house safely and challenges the player. After the player wins, Klaus reveals to them that under the player's bed there are stairs, and reveals that there is a place where the player's father's Duel Runner is located at. Klaus tells the player that his/her father died with his/her mother in an accident while riding that same Duel Runner. That's why Klaus didn't want the player to become a Turbo Duelist. Klaus also reveals that Toru's parents died in the same accident too.

Klaus tells the player that now they, with Nico and West, can escape from the war between Radley and Malcolm and go to New Domino City. However, Nico and West refuse to that due to their father, who is working at the mines. Finally, Klaus and the player travel to New Domino City.