The Third Charisma Duelist Determining Fight Tournament is a tournament amongst the cosplay characters from V Jump.


Quarter finals Semi finals Final
 Carly Nanosa  
 Duelua  0
   Aikawa  5600
 Kaiser Umiuma  0
 Dueluka  3100  

Deck types

Character Deck
Duelua Lightsworn
Ryusei HERO
Carly Nanosa Fabled
Shironosu Infernity
Senjome Scrap
Aikawa Machina & Gadget
Kaiser Umiuma Skill Drain
Dueluka Blackwing

The participants' Deck types are listed on the right. The types are the ones given in V Jump.

More specifically Kaiser Umiuma's is a "Dimensional Eatos" Deck.


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