The Sparrow, known as D.D. ESPer Robin in the Japanese version, is a show which appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It stars the Nelson Andrews as The Sparrow, an intergalactic hero who saves the universe from the threat of the Dark Emperor.


Astral repeatedly watches the show at night, greatly annoying Yuma. When Astral learns that people can actually meet The Sparrow, he urges Yuma to go there hoping to find answers about his past because he believes that the Sparrow actually comes from space. They manage to sneak in along with Tori and Bronk but the accompanying friends got left out by the guards but Nelson Andrews notices that Yuma has a deck and he takes him to his room. there Astral and Yuma find out that the the Sparrow is really quite scared of little things like spiders but before they can duel Nelson's mom who plays the Sparrow's mother in the show shoves Yuma out. Before they leave Nelson says that he does not matter which shows that he cares more about the show than their duel. Later at Nelson's house Nelson finds Number 83 which manifests the form as his mom's role at the show Galaxy Queen. Later he runs off in his Sparrow costume at night and attacks people for simple things like littering stating them to be minions of the Dark Emperor. Later this is broadcasted on the news and Tori takes action along with a disgruntled Yuma to prove the Sparrow is innocent. Yuma later tracks him down to the tv studio where they duel. Yuma emerges as the victor and Astral takes Number 83 : Galaxy Queen and he remembers how he is born. Later Astral and now Yuma watch ESper Star Sparrow and where Yuma comments how good the show is and Astral makes his 10th observation as a human child has a deep bond with its parent while remembering his birth.

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