The Melody of Awakening Dragon

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The Melody of Awakening Dragon
English The Melody of Awakening Dragon
Chinese 龍・覺醒的旋律
French La Mélodie du Réveil des Dragons
German Die Melodie des erwachenden Drachen
Italian La Melodia del Drago che si Risveglia
Korean 드래곤 자각의 선율
Portuguese A Melodia do Despertar do Dragão
Spanish La Melodía del Dragón que se Despierta
Japanese (kana) ドラゴン・めざめのせんりつ
Japanese (base) ドラゴン・目覚めの旋律
Japanese (rōmaji) Doragon Mezame no Senritsu
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Normal Normal
Passcode 48800175
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