Trudge plays Decks issued to him by Sector Security in order to hunt down criminals.



Video games

Stardust Accelerator

For Duel's End!

Reverse of Arcadia

Tetsu's Justice

Over the Nexus

Tetsu's Justice

Wheelie Breakers

Wheelie Breakers


Tag Force 4

Tetsu Trudge 01
Tetsu Trudge 02
Tetsu Trudge 03
Tetsu Trudge 04
Tetsu Trudge 11
Tetsu Trudge 12
Tetsu Trudge 13
Tetsu Trudge 14

Tag Force 5

First-Time Search
Coerced Search
Round Up

Tag Force 6

Alibi Break!
Household Search!
Emergency arrest!

Duel Transer

Chasing Security
Goyo Security

Decade Duels

Security Officer

Duel Terminal

Duel Terminal Deck


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