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Ted Banias
English name
  • Ted Banias
  • Male

Card Professor

Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! R Duel Round 16: "The Tenma Brothers' Secret...!!"

Appears in
Banias, Ted

Ted Banias is a Card Professor in Yu-Gi-Oh! R. Banias is the codename for Intel's first x86 Pentium M chip.


Ted was hired with many other card professors to guard the R.A. Project by Yako Tenma. He was introduced to Yugi Mutou by Bandit Keith, after Yugi asked if Keith was the card professor guarding that block of the KaibaCorp building. Dark Yugi was worried about Anzu Mazaki and was tired from his previous Duels. Yugi offered to Duel Ted, but was stopped by Gekko Tenma, who insisted that he be the one to Duel Ted, as he wished to help Yugi stop his brother's schemes.[1] Ted speculated that Gekko got a bad opening hand after the latter played "Graceful Charity". He laughed, but also said that he hoped Gekko would get better draws. After seeing the rest of Gekko's opening move, Ted asked Keith is Pegasus really considered Gekko to be a great Duelist. Keith confirmed that Pegasus had actually called Gekko a "perfect Duelist". Wondering what kind of strategy the "perfect Duelist" would use, Ted went on the offensive, with Gekko countering with Equip Spell and Trap Card. Using "Hand-to-Hand Combat", Ted negated Gekko's cards and cut his Life Points in half with "Speed Jaguar". Gekko played another "Graceful Charity" and Ted wondered why he was throwing so many cards into the Graveyard. Ted brought out "Assault Lion" and even transferred the effect of "Speed Jaguar" to it via "Medicine Eater". Gekko narrowly avoid defeat with "Amulet of Affection". Ted was still confident in his victory, as he had Set "Stop Defense", meaning Gekko Summoning a monster in Defense Position would be useless. Gekko claimed he still had no monsters in his hand, and Ted laughed.[2]

Ted taunted Gekko, saying he must have a very unbalanced Deck to have no monsters in his hand. He asked if Gekko wanted to surrender, with Gekko insisting that the Duel will end this turn with Ted's defeat. Gekko played "Armament Reincarnation", resurrecting the Equip Spell and Traps he had discarded with "Graceful Charity" as monsters. Ted was surprised, but insisted that it didn't matter - none of them could defeat "Assault Lion". Gekko used "Power Connection" to increase the ATK of his monsters and won the Duel. Ted thought he now knew the power of the "perfect Duelist". Keith called Ted weak and viciously assaulted him, eventually knocking him unconscious.[3]


Ted plays a Deck of Beast-Warrior-like monsters (though their actual Type is not specified), focused on countering defensive plays and the effect of his "Speed Jaguar" to inflict damage quickly.

Image Information
AssaultLion-EN-Manga-R-CA.png Assault Lion (アサルト・リオン Asaruto Rion)
7 ★★★★★★★
SpeedJaguar-JP-Manga-R-CA.png Speed Jaguar (スピード・ジャガー Supīdo Jagā)
4 ★★★★
SpikeRhinoceros-EN-Manga-R-CA.png Spike Rhinoceros (スパイク・ライノセラス Supaiku Rainoserasu)
4 ★★★★
HandtoHandCombat-EN-Manga-R-CA.png Hand-to-Hand Combat (にくだんせんとう Nikudansentō)
Card type
Spell Card
MedicineEater-EN-Manga-R-CA.png Medicine Eater (やくYakugui)
Card type
Spell Card
ShadowSpell-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Shadow Spell | Curse of Darkness (やみじゅばく Yami no Jubaku)
Card type
Spell Card
StopDefense-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Stop Defense | "Defense" Sealing (『しゅふう"Shubi" Fūji)
Card type
Trap Card


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Gekko Tenma 16-18 Lose


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! R Duel Round 16: "The Tenma Brothers' Secret...!!"
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh! R Duel Round 17: "The Elf Warriors!!"
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! R Duel Round 18: "The Perfect Duel!!"

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