According to the rulings, if you use DD's effect and get Crystal Abundance; do you still need to send 4 CBs to the graveyard or does the effect activate regardless, destroying all cards (including the CBs in the spell/trap card zone) and then do I get to special summon those/other CBs from the graveyard as normal?--Tealeon 01:40, October 5, 2009 (UTC)Tealeon

  • Apparently you would still need to pay its cost, as it is part of its effect still. I also tried using Diamond Dude's effect on Stardust Accelerator and lost Burst Stream with DD's effect, but I wasn't allowed to use Burst Stream of Destruction's effect.
  • Rulings: "Since you are only activating the Normal Spell Card’s effect, and not the Normal Spell Card itself, you do not pay costs and you do not have to meet any activation requirements. For example, you would not pay 1000 Life Points for “Confiscation”, or discard 1 card for “Monster Reincarnation”, or need a “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” on the field to activate the effect of “Burst Stream of Destruction”." This is part of what made D.D.T. big back in the day.--YamiWheeler 03:08, March 1, 2010 (UTC)

Can stardust dragon negate destruction effects activated through diamond dude??

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