Shouldn't there be more than one copy of each crystal beast?

It is a list of suggestions, not an actual deck. I feel sorry for anybody to make a deck from any list like this on the wiki with so many singles, and no staples. Yami Michael 02:48, 20 April 2008 (UTC)

--== Okay, the article here is bad. ==

Seriously. Let's have a look here, line by line:

  • No, they aren't; they're made of cards that support the Gem Beasts. Those that refer specifically to Continuous Spell Cards, such as Gem Flash Energy and Magna-Slash Dragon, invariably hurt the deck. There are good cards that support the Gem Beasts in their Continuous Spell form, though; Rare Value is an excellent example of this.
  • Removing Gem Beasts from the spell/trap zone directly conflicts with the proper win condition - Crystal Abundance, which already clears the field. Perhaps the key word is "beginner", but that's like saying "Larvae Moth is necessary for beginner Insect decks"; if it's only going to happen if the deck is bad, why say it? Also, note that both of these monsters are Level 6, and Gem Beast decks don't like tributing either; tributed Gem Beasts aren't "destroyed", so they can't go to the spell/trap zone.
  • An advanced Crystal Beast deck would include and revolve around getting Rainbow Dragon onto the field.
  • This statement is so wrong that it's funny. Sorry to break it to those who haven't figured it out yet, but Rainbow Dragon is a bad card. In your hand, unless you've already dumped all of the Gem Beasts, it's utterly useless, a dead draw. If you can summon it, then you get - -a 4000 ATK beatstick! Good for you! Oh, wait, the game doesn't revolve around beatsticks anymore; that's why Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Birthright hasn't caught on as a decent deck goal. The effects can't be activated during the turn it is summoned, which means you can't even OTK by pumping up its ATK with its first effect. True, your opponent probably won't be able to attack and kill it, but decks run so much removal that attacking is completely unnecessary; this card can be killed in much easier ways, since the card has no built-in protection. There's always the overrated Rainbow Dragon (second effect) + Dimension Fusion OTK, but Dimension Fusion is Limited and a dead draw under almost all conditions, and there are easier ways to remove monsters - especially ones that don't require a 9-card combo. Also, note that using Rainbow Dragon requires the use of bad Gem Beasts, such as Cobalt Eagle and Emerald Tortoise, so even if you never draw Rainbow Dragon, it's still harming your deck by forcing the use of bad cards.
  • However, in most of these decks the most common strategy among Crystal Beast duelists is the Crystal Abundance OTK strategy.
  • I have no idea if it's the most common, but it is definitely the best, so I'll accept this sentence. It's probably the best one in the paragraph.
  • Most players rely on this strategy because the Crystal Abundance card is actually simple to obtain and somewhat simple to activate.
  • The ease of obtaining Crystal Abundance has nothing to do with how useful it is as a strategy. This sentence implies that Abundance is for people who can't afford expensive decks, whereas it is actually for people who are good at the game.
  • This sentence is probably the worst one in the paragraph. Now, we have established that the deck goal is Crystal Abundance, correct? Crystal Abundance requires 4 Gem Beasts in the spell/trap zone, correct? So, will someone kindly explain to me how removing three Gem Beasts from the spell/trap zone to get out a 4000 ATK beatstick - this card is even more beatstick-y than Rainbow Dragon, by the way, as it lacks the field-clearing effect - helps you fill your spell/trap zone with Gem Beasts? Hamon is a pointless -3 that directly conflicts with the win condition and weakens the deck.
  • Oh, no. Now we're going to continue to -3 ourselves, only this time we'll also be tributing our Gem Beasts - you know, tributing as opposed to destroying them, so they go to the graveyard instead of the spell/trap zone. Just because a deck can summon the Wicked Gods doesn't mean that it should summon the Wicked Gods. In fact, there are other, more noteworthy 3-tribute monsters, such as Destiny Hero - Plasma and both of the Arcana Force EX monsters; they're also bad in a Gem Beast deck, but they're still better than the Wicked Gods. There is nothing that makes the Wicked Gods good in a Gem Beast deck.
  • Each of those cards sucks individually - one's a situational beatstick that forces you to use other bad cards, and the other two are -3 beatsticks that contradict the deck goal - and a deck containing all 3 would be the worst hideously awful deck ever created. Advising players to use even one of these cards was bad enough. Saying that they should be used together is just hideous.

The "recommended cards"" list is equally hideous, but I'm getting tired, so I'll just give two examples:

  • Rainbow Life is recommended. Now, I'm guessing that whoever wrote this list did nothing but look at the card's name, since the presence of the word "Rainbow" implies that the card relates to Rainbow Dragon (who also sucks), whereas it actually does not. In fact, this card works no better in a Gem Beast deck than it would in any other deck, and while we're on the subject, it works very badly in those decks too. Recommending it is pointless.
  • The other example that I'm going to give is Gryphon's Feather Duster. Now, this card is at least a -2 that directly contradicts the win condition, and for it to restore more Life Points than, say, Dian Keto the Cure Master (which is bad in any deck), you would need to destroy 3 of your own spell/trap Gem Beasts - a grand total of a -4 for what purpose? Restoring a few Life Points. I could activate Poison of the Old Man twice and -2 myself, and I'd still regain more Life Points than I would with Gryphon's Feather Duster even if I -5'd myself by destroying the maximum of four Gem Beasts (remember, you can't activate a Normal Spell if all five of your Spell and Trap zones are filled with Gem Beasts). Granted, I could destroy a Field Spell with it too, but Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins can't be destroyed by it if a spell/trap Gem Beast would be destroyed at the same time (check the rulings; Ancient City survives Heavy Storm, since there are still Gem Beasts in the spell/trap zone when it tries to be destroyed), so I would need to be running a Field Spell other than Ancient City, which is sheer stupidity - and even then it would be a -6 for 2500 Life Points, only 100 Life Points more than those gained by -2'ing yourself with 2 Poison of the Old Man. In short, Gryphon's Feather Duster is a terrible card that is just as terrible here as it is anywhere else.

Now, I know that Yu-Gi-Oh Wikia isn't, but I think we can all agree that giving bad advice purely for the sake of not giving good advice is a bad idea, correct? If we know that something can be improved, it should be improved. If we're going to deliberately make it worse, we may as well delete the article. The goal of the Wikia isn't to promote its own Wikia-ness, it's to help people, and advising Gravi-Crush Dragon isn't going to help anyone at all.

In summary:

The article has the deck completely wrong, and the "recommended cards" is just as bad. Both need to be completely rewritten. I would have done so myself immediately, but I figured I might face opposition from the "this-isn't-metagame-dot-com-we-merely-list-cards-that-can-be-put-in-a-deck-even-if-they-suck" crowd and get it reverted, so I wanted to leave room for discussion and get a go-ahead first. (I do already have a go-ahead for "recommended cards" sections in general, following the Elemental Hero Deck incident, but not for completely changing the point of the actual article.) --Crab Helmet 07:09, 23 April 2008 (UTC)

Can someone please explain to me how Rainbow Dragon is the ace of Crystal Beasts? I'm not seeing it. --Crab Helmet 02:14, 26 May 2008 (UTC)

  • Oh, and the ONLY card on the Recommended Cards list that is not a Crystal Beasts support card, is not a Staple, and is not mentioned in the article is Rescue Cat. Can we just mention Rescue Cat in the article and delete the pointless list? --Crab Helmet 02:19, 26 May 2008 (UTC)

Added Jinzo to the list, since using an Abundance build for 2 days showed me that having it Solemn'd/Bribed is painful and costs you the duel. Also added Summon Priest since it's mandatory, although I'm not too sure if OCG exclusives are allowed on recommended card lists. --Pizzaman 10:41, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

I don't see how Rainbow Dragon is a bad card. Yes it could be a dead card if drawed early, so can Crystal Blessing or even Crystal Abundance. It has been useful in using the all mighty Crystal Abundance. You can get seven different CB on the field or in the graveyard within 3 to 6 turns if you use a good startegy. Just say your opponent has 3 cards on the field and you have Crystal Abundance and have the condition to summon Rainbow Dragon. Use Crystal Abundance to clear the field summon 3 CB then summon Rainbow dragon then you will have enough for the OTK. I have seen players who know the CB decks enough to not attack or flood the field for fear that you might have Crystal Abundance. I do see your point that Rainbow Dragon should not be the focus point of a gem deck. I run one Rainbow Dragon and no support cards for Rainbow Dragon. Most of the time when I have summoned him I have been able to use him with Crystal Abundance.

Also cobalt eagle can be good for players who don't attack. Used with Sapphire Pegasus you can fill your spell and trap zone in order to use Crystal Abundance.

I do belive that adding Hamon or Plazma does defeat the purpose of a good gem deck.

I will get you started on sychros. I ran across alot of players who run Stardust Dragon which kills Crystal Abundance. So I added two Emergency Teleports, 2 lvl 3 tuners, and 2 lvl 2 tuners, and Goyo Guardian. I added these cards myself before they came out in Wikia so don't panic. My deck is till only 42 cards. With Emergency Teleport I have been able the summon Goyo Guardian as early as the first turn. He can defeat Stardust because of the higher attack then he can special summon Stardust to your side of the field in defense positon. And I have still been able to use Crystal Abundance. Let the complaints begin!!!!

Crystal Beast Deck

There's no point to "play it safe" when you need speed in drawing out Abundance. Furthermore, there shouldn't be space left to use bad CB's in a properly built Abundance build. --Pizzaman 12:12, 30 July 2008 (UTC)
I agree Emerald Tortoise is not that bad, but it's useless in a good Crystal Beast Deck. Save it for a Clown Control deck. Also, how does Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins support Rainbow Dragon ?? I mean, technically, Rainbow Dragon isn't a Gem Beast, as Destiny End Dragon isn't a D-Hero and Judgment Dragon isn't a Lightsworns. Rayqui 07:40, 31 July 2008 (UTC)

Umm did people totally forget about crystal release?? It beefs up your monsters and it also draws them to the spell and trap zone. Staple in the deck if I ever did see one because all the crystal beast are weak and they need the boost to beat your opponents tributes. Finally, jinzo is a very bad choice. A, no tributing. B, your opponent wont have time to lay down a solemn if you are winning one the second and third turn as you should.

do you think the crystal merchant? is it worth anything?

What are you talking about "Rainbow Ruins doesn't keep Rainbow Dragon safe"? You can negate the activation of a spell or trap.

Yes it does. If someone decides to hammer shot your Rainbow Dragon, you can tribute 1 CB from your spell and trap to negate the activation of that spell card and destroy it. And by the way, you can always use Crystal Blessing and Sapphire Pegasus to bring your CB's back from the graveyard.I do have one question. HOW MUCH IS RAINBOW DRAGON? I know it is super rare, and I know its effects, but I don't know how much I should pay for 1. I'm just about the only person who has a Crystal Beast Deck and doesn't have Rainbow Dragon and I can tell you, its pretty useless with one.

crystal beast deck

why do you guys put down cb decks? If you add a montage dragon rainbow dragon is not a dead draw but an extra 3000 attack. Also you always need a stardust dragon and a marshmallon. And if your going for an otk use abundance and keep 3 cards in your hand along with montage dragon. Then use abundance and summon montage. It will go far.-- 04:53, 9 July 2009 (UTC)

my crystal beast deck revolves around removing the crystal beasts from play and bring them back when i get rainbow dragon in my hand with return from the different dimension.

I agree with the Discussion at the top most of these Decks that are listed dont list any actual Cards and what kind of deck to make they just tell you what should be put in them they have to modify this big time so people can get ideas and play with the decks they build this is coming from some one who when i discovered the sight noticed the deck types list i though i can figure out good strategy unfortunatly though i hit a wall the deck types told me what i knew already so unless people start posting there stuff on the actuall pages then the deck types lists are no good

WHAT!!! thats a horrible guide

seriously.... winning with just crystal abundance is BORING! and geez HAMON IS GOOD !!! well not realli cause hes affected by traps and all but who gives hamon is proably for protection considering that his defense effect.

@Above, Hamon is bad and you should feel bad for suggesting otherwise. (talk) 18:40, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

Aegis of the authodestroying Crystal Beast

The best effect all Cb is that when they are destroyed you can put it one your spell or trap card zone.that means you need masive destroying cards as "Neddle ceiling"or "Torrential tribute",or you don t worry when your opponet actives cards like "Lightning vortex"or "Mirror force" (which is very expensive). The other think of this deck is the fiel(Ancient ciity rainbow ruins).as you use "Neddle Ceiling"...etc you are FULL of crystal beast in your spell/trap zone.(You can negate the activation,draw 1 card,etc...) You don t have to use "crystal beast amatyst caT/Emeral tortoise"so you can t use "Rainbow dragon" but if you have money you can use "Hamon" or "Bad End Queen Dragon" This deck is called Autodestroying Crystal Beast,becauseyou are likely to active"crystal abundance","crystal beacon"(as you are always with CB you can special summon Ruby),"ancient city-rainbow ruin","Mage power",or (special summon) "Hamon" and your opponent is always without monsters. (talk) 18:44, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

cb's aren't bad they're great

i know they dont have atk points but they have wicked effects. cobalt eagle works well with pegasus and it is good with crystal wellspring. emeraled turtle has good def and is useful if u have amythist cat because she has weak attack points. saying this the crystal beasts are weak and has many weaknesses.

i have a crystal beast deck and it is awsome. plus rainbow dragon is pretty good if used correctly.-- (talk) 20:36, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

synchro crystal beasts

Akz13 (talkcontribs) 22:27, February 22, 2011 (UTC)I don't think that synchro crystal beast decks are all that good, but a good cb deck should have at least 1 level 3 tuner, like one of the resonators, to aid the summoning of Goyo Guardian, or Ancient Fairy Dragon, which is good since all of the crystal beasts are Level 4 or lower and Rainbow Ruins can help the CBs a lot.

rainbow dragon sucks and sycros only work with one card

we obviously all know that abundance is the best card in the deck, but sometimes it can be a dead draw if your having trouble with getting cards to the back field, like your fighting a remove from play deck. u need some dragon queen of tragic endings to stall you some time, 2 or one is a good amount not 3. even so u still might not have enough power to push through sum things nowadays because syncros are strong. so u can play genex ally birdman witch sends pegasus back to your hand for a special summon of a tuner, then you can replay pegasus for another card in the backfield and then you have a 1900 attack tuner and pegasus since pegasus is a wind monster, or you can tune for either "zeman the ape king" since the tuner is dark, or if you have ancient city and a 3 star on the field, you can tune for brionac dragon of the ice barrier and use the draw loop so u can keep drawing till you get abundance and get a nice OTK right there.
behemoth king of all animals is the only tribute card i recomend because it can also get pegasus back to ur hand from the graveyard for another summon, and the pegasus and behemoth have good combos with beast soul swap.
ive had a crystal beast deck since it came out and i improve it so it can stand against a remove from play deck witch my brother plays and since macro totaly counters this deck, if i can beat it, witch i know can with this stratagy i can beat most other decks witch i have in tourneys, in the finals alot. need to make all your cards connect for this deck to work

Ultimate Gemmology Crystal Beast Deck

My Ultimate Gemmology Crystal Beast Deck

Monster Cards

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus x2/3 Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth x2 Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x2 Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise x2 Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle x1/2 Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat x1/2 Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle x2 Rainbow Dragon x1 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder x1 Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings x2 Gravi Crush Dragon x1 Giant Soldier of Stone x1 Chiron the Mage x1 Summoner Monk x1 Time Wizard x1

Spell Cards

Crystal Promise x2/3 Crystal Release x1/2 Crystal Beacon x3 Crystal Blessing x2/3 Crystal Tree x1 Crystal Abundance x1 Ancient City-Rainbow Ruins x2/3 Monster Reborn x1 Nobleman of Crossout x1 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 Dark Hole x1 Mage Power x1 Pot of Greed x1

Trap Cards

Crystal Pair x1/2 Crystal Raigeki x1/2 Rainbow Path x1 Magic Cylinder x1 Trap Hole x1 Waboku x1 Magic Jammer x1 Trap Jammer x1 Mirror Force x1 Magical Hats x1

awesome rainbow dragon strategy

rainbow dragon may sometimes be a dead draw. but lets not forget about its malific version... if you draw malific rainbow dragon at the start of a battle its only a matter of time until u have a field spell card, if you dont already have one. then you can special summon it by removing from play rainbow dragon. it's a way too easy way to get a 4K atk monster on the field. to get it even faster use gold sarcophagus, or even better; different dimmention capsule, since it let's you put your card face-down to surprise your opponent. it's one hell of a strategy to get the upper hand in a situation that isnt going as planned. (talk) 18:03, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

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