Am I allowed to bring Gate Guardian from my Deck to the hand?, there might be an errata? --Andersmusician$ 18:11, 16 July 2007 (UTC)

  • You may Gate Guardian and other monsters with "Guardian" in their card names to your hand. The exceptions listed on Arsenal Summoner are cards that don't have "Guardian" (ガーディアン) in their Japanese names. --Deltaneos 18:28, 16 July 2007 (UTC)
thats fair for me, thanks--Andersmusician$ 00:34, 17 July 2007 (UTC)
  • Can i get obnoxious celtic guardian to my hand? or is he banned as well? --Montechristo95 01:01, January 31, 2010 (UTC)
Is all written here--LightswornLord 14:23, February 2, 2010 (UTC)