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Take a Chance is the first English opening and ending theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL series.

Take a Chance
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Theme
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Similar to Hyper Drive, this intro was first showcased on the 4Kids website. It debuted on episode 1 and stopped airing on episode 73, being replaced on episode 74 by the song Halfway to Forever.

By Episode 26, major changes were made to the opening sequence. Among them, the card backs use the WDC design like in Japan, and many new characters appear, including the Vetrix Family. However, due to them being shadows in the first episode of Season 2, the intro features them with their faces revealed rather than being them in shadows in the Japanese opening BRAVING!, for unknown reasons.


Season 1

Yugioh ZEXAL Opening (English)(01:01)

Season 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! zeXal Season 2 Opening DUB(01:01)


Season 1

Season 2


Season 1

Season 2


If life is a game
They say I can't win
I'll never amount to nothin'
Tear me down before my life begins,

I won't be afraid,
To challenge myself
They won't ever break my fire.
My dreams won't die
If I high-five the sky
Spread my wings,
Take off, it's time to fly!

Take a chance to make it all the way
Take a chance forgetting yesterday!
Take a chance believe......

Nothing will bring me down,
No retreat when I leave all my fears behind
My future's still alive inside!!
Take a chance and chase my doubts away,
Believing gets me through my darkest days

Take a chance to make it all the way,
Take a chance forgetting yesterday
Take a breath, my heart will lead the way,
Take a chance, I'll take a chance in today!

Mi dicono che non vincerò
Che non sarò mai qualcuno
Ma la mia risposta adesso è no
Non mi arrenderò

Nessuno potrà
Fermare il mio fuoco ardente
Ho un sogno grande nella mente
E quel momento adesso arriverà

C'è una strada da percorrere
Superando l'impossibile
Io ci riuscirò

Niente mi fermerà
Le mie paure lascierò dietro di me
Perchè un futuro ancora c'è
Nessun dubbio mi rallenterà
La forza adesso mi accompagnerà

C'è una strada da percorrere
Superando l'impossibile
Con il mio coraggio affronterò
Questo viaggio e so che ci riuscirò

La vida es un juego que hay que ganar
Tal vez si exista un riesgo
Y el miedo no me va a frenar,

Valor yo tendré,
Y me enfrentare
A quien quiera detenerme mis sueños
Van a serse realidad
Ten confianza atrévete a volar!

Ten confianza tienes el poder
Ten confianza no hay por que temer!
Debes que creer en ti......

Nada me detendrá seguiré adelante
Ya no hay marcha atrás
Podre mis sueños alcanzar!!
Toma el riesgo atrévete a jugar,
El juego de la vida hay que emprender

Ten confianza tienes el poder
Ten confianza no hay por que temer
Ten confianza, el juego hay que encender,
Ten confianza, el mundo hay que defender!


Short skirt error.
Lol-ionel!Added by Lol-ionel!
  • In both of the Season 1 and Season 2 versions of this opening, Tori's skirt was not lengthened.
  • In both of the theme songs, when Yuma opens The Door, Astral's eyes are both golden.
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