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The following are rules to play a Tag Duel, translated from

How to play a Tag Duel

A Tag Duel is a 2 vs 2 Duel which 4 people can enjoy simultaneously.

Tag Duel basis

Tagduel img

Tag Duel basis

In a Tag Duel, partners share:

Each player has his/her own:

Turn alternation

  • Of the four players, the one who wins at Rock-Paper-Scissors goes first.
  • Turn passes following a N-shaped pattern, starting from the first player. (Next turn goes to the player sitting in front of the first player.)
    • As such, the Active Opposing Player will be the player who's turn preceded the now-active one.
Tagduel list

Tag Duel turn order

About special rules in a Tag Duel

  • Basically, follow the Master Rules 2.
  • You are allowed to check and discuss your partner's hand and Set cards.
  • Each Graveyard remains isolated, but regarding rules, consider they are the same, so you are allowed to check and use cards that are in your partner's Graveyard.
  • If an effect returns a card from the field, Graveyard, etc. to the hand or Deck, the card is returned to its original owner's hand/Deck.
  • If an effect would Special Summon from the Deck, or add a card from the Deck to the hand, the currently acting player performs the effect using his/her own Deck, even if he/she is not the original owner of the card.

Specific card examples

"Call of the Haunted", "Pot of Avarice", etc.

You can also target cards that are in your partner's Graveyard.

"Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning", "Miracle Fusion", etc.

You can also banish cards from your partner's Graveyard.

"Sangan", "Gladiator Beast" cards, etc.

If the card's original owner is A, and it has been sent to the Graveyard/Deck during the turn of his/her partner (B), the effect adding a card from the Deck to the hand, or Special Summoning from the Deck, is performed from B's Deck.

If a non-ongoing effect affects "both players"

Playing in the order where A went first:

  • if A is the Turn Player, the effect will be applied to player D;
  • if B is the Turn Player, the effect will be applied to player C.

If an ongoing effect such as from a Continuous Spell Card or a Continuous Trap Card affects "both players"

All four players are affected.

After the Duel, check that your cards have not been mixed by accident with your partner's or your opponent's cards.

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