There are a number of rule elements in the TCG changed on August 13th, 2008.

Main Deck Changes

Your Main Deck must be between 40 and 60 Cards. You cannot go under 40 cards or over 60.

Extra Deck

The "Fusion Deck" is now referred to as the "Extra Deck" and will be limited to 15 cards.

Side Deck

Side Decks can now contain between 0 and 15 cards. It no longer has to be exactly one or the other.

  • UDE Tournament Policy still requires either 0 or 15 cards for the Side Deck in sanctioned play. Please refer to UDE's Tournament Policy Document Appendix A, section A-11. The game rules changed, the sanctioned tournament policies did not.
    • Read or download the Tournament Policy Document here.

Quick Effects

Multi-Trigger Monster Effects are now known as Quick Effects.

Synchro Monsters

A new type of card called Synchro Monsters is introduced. Synchro Monsters are included in the Extra Deck. See Synchro Monsters and Tuner Monsters for usage.

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