T.G. Wonder Magician

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T.G. Wonder Magician
TG(テックジーナス) ワンダー・マジシャン
Flag of the United Kingdom English T.G. Wonder Magician
Flag of France French Magicienne des Merveilles T.G.
Flag of Germany German T.G. Wundermagierin
Flag of Italy Italian T.G. Maga Meravigliosa
Flag of South Korea Korean TG(테크지너스) 원더 매지션
Flag of Portugal Portuguese T.G. Maga Maravilhosa
Flag of Spain Spanish T.G. Maga Maravillosa
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana) テックジーナス ワンダー・マジシャン
Flag of Japan Japanese (Base) TG ワンダー・マジシャン
Flag of Japan Phonetic Tekku Jīnasu Wandā Majishan
Flag of the United Kingdom Anime Tech Genus Wonder Magician
Flag of the United Kingdom Other names Tech Genus Wonder Magician SCX-1000
Flag of Japan Other names TG(テックジーナス) ワンダー・マジシャン SCX-1000
Tekku Jīnasu Wandā Majishan Esu-Shī-Ekkusu Issen
Types Spellcaster/Synchro/Tuner
Level 5 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK/DEF 1900/0
Card Number 98558751
Materials 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner "T.G." monsters
Card effect types Trigger, Trigger, Quick
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