Syuzo Hiiragi is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. He is the father of Yuzu Hiiragi and the owner of the Syu Zo Duel School.


Syuzo is the owner of Syu Zo Duel School, which had no students at all. Syu Zo was struggling financially, so Syuzo and his daughter planned to recruit "Phantom" to attract more students.[1]

After Yuzu ended up involved with "Phantom", Shun Kurosaki took Syuzo hostage in order to lure him. Syuzo was easily defeated in a Duel, and Shun sent a challenge video to "Phantom". Yuzu and the "Phantom" then met Shun, with Yuzu scolding her father for having lost. Shun declared that he no longer needed Syuzo, released him, and initiated a Duel with "Phantom".[2]


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Shun Kurosaki 4 Lose (off-panel)


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