Synchro Panic
  • Japanese: シンクロ・パニック
  • Romaji: Shinkuro Panikku
Card type

Trap[note 1]



When a Synchro Monster has been destroyed, Special Summon that monster's Synchro Materials from the Graveyard in Attack Position. This turn, the Summoned monsters cannot be destroyed. Until the end of the third turn after this card is activated, neither player can Synchro Summon. At the end of the third turn after this card is activated, it is destroyed.[Notes 1]

Manga cards (Galleries: ARC-V)

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese シンクロ・パニック シンクロモンスターが破壊された時そのシンクロ素材を墓地から攻撃表示で特殊召喚する



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  1. This card is listed as a Spell Card on its own card, but is referred to as a Continuous Trap Card by Yugo.
  1. Although used by Yugo in his Duel against Ren, the second and third effects of this card are not listed on the card's lore.

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