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Support is an unofficial term for an interaction in which a card specifically affects cards with a particular property in some way beneficial to the player who possesses the supported card. For example, "The Warrior Returning Alive" adds 1 Warrior-Type monster from its controller's Graveyard to their hand, thus it supports Warrior-Type monsters.

The most obvious example of support is for archetypes, but support cards may also provide support for Attributes, Types, or monsters with a certain Level, Rank, ATK, or DEF, among other groups of cards.

Support is not just limited to card effects; support can also occur in activation requirements, costs, Materials, conditions, and Summoning procedures.

If a card instead affects the possessor of a card(s) with the specified property in a negative way, the interaction is referred to as anti-support. For example, "Acid Rain" destroys all Machine-Type monsters on the field, thus it anti-supports Machine-Type monsters.


List of support cards

This list excludes archetype support cards, which are listed below.

 Japanese nameLevelRankAttributeTypeCard typeMonster typeATKDEFSupports card(s)/group(s)
100-Year Awakening100年の目覚めSpell CardCurse of Thorns
Thorn Princess
1st Movement Solo独奏の第1楽章Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Level 1 Monster Cards
Level 2 Monster Cards
Level 3 Monster Cards
Level 4 Monster Cards
1st Movement Solo (anime)独奏の第1楽章Spell CardLevel 1 Monster Cards
Level 2 Monster Cards
Level 3 Monster Cards
Level 4 Monster Cards
7 Completed7カードSpell Card
Equip Spell Card
7 Completed (ATK version)7カードSlot Machine Power UnitSlot Machine (manga)
7 Completed (DEF version)7カードSlot Machine Power UnitSlot Machine (manga)
7 Completed (anime)7カードSpell CardMachine
A-Assault CoreA-アサルト・コア4LIGHTMachineMonster Card
Union monster1,900200LIGHT
Union monster
A-to-Z-Dragon Buster CannonAtoZ-ドラゴン・バスターキャノン10LIGHTMachineMonster Card
Fusion Monster
4,0004,000ABC-Dragon Buster
XYZ-Dragon Cannon
The A. Forces連合軍Spell Card
Continuous Spell Card
... further results

List of archetype support cards

 Japanese nameLevelRankAttributeTypeCard typeMonster typeATKDEFSupports archetype(s)
"A" Cell Recombination Device「A」細胞組み換え装置Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
"A" Cell Scatter Burst「A」細胞散布爆弾Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
1st Movement Solo独奏の第1楽章Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
1st Movement Solo (anime)独奏の第1楽章Spell CardMelodious
Absorb Fusion吸光融合Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Abyss Actor - Dandy Supporting Actor魔界劇団-ダンディ・バイプレイヤー2DARKFiendMonster Card
Pendulum Monster
700700Abyss Actor
Abyss Actor - Evil Heel魔界劇団-デビル・ヒール8DARKFiendMonster Card
Pendulum Monster
3,0002,000Abyss Actor
Abyss Script
Abyss Actor - Evil Heel (anime)魔界劇団-デビル・ヒール8DARKFiendMonster Card3,0002,000Abyss Actor
Abyss Actor - Extras魔界劇団-エキストラ1DARKFiendMonster Card
Pendulum Monster
100100Abyss Actor
Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian魔界劇団-ファンキー・コメディアン1DARKFiendMonster Card
Pendulum Monster
300200Abyss Actor
... further results

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