"Super Quant" (ちょうりょう Chōryō) is an archetype debuting in Booster SP: Wing Raiders. The archetype contains two sub-archetypes, "Super Quantum", and "Super Quantal Mech Beast".


The "Super Quant" archetype is based on the Super Sentai/Power Rangers series. The Main Deck monsters are based on the Rangers, while the Xyz Monsters are based on the Zords, the giant robots they pilot.


Level / Rank Attribute Mecha Pilot Ranger Mech Beast Zord
3 WATER Blue Layer BlueDolphin Grampulse AquaDolphin
4 WIND Green Layer GingaGreen / Green Galaxy Ranger Aeroboros Starbeast Gingalcon / Condor Galactabeast
5 FIRE Red Layer GaoRed / Red Lion Ranger Magnaliger GaoLion / Red Lion Wildzord


The name of this archetype is a word play. While 超量 is not a Japanese word itself (the kanji individually mean "super"/"over-" and "amount"), it is the Chinese word for "excess", and is the Chinese name for Xyz Monsters. Furthermore, with the Main Deck monsters called "Layers", the names of the archetype's cards can also imply a play on "Over Layer(s)" - or, more precisely, a reference to Overlay. So, the Japanese kanji may make a reference to how this archetype is centered about colossal robots, while the Chinese meaning seems to make a play with "Xyz"/"Overlay".[1]

Playing style

Their playstyle is based around enabling quick Xyz Summons of "Super Quantal Mech Beast" Xyz Monsters without needing to have two monsters already on-field beforehand. Instead, the Field Spell Card "Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier" lets the player Xyz Summon a "Mecha Beast" using just one "Super Quantum" monster on-field as Xyz Material. "Magnacarrier" is also essential in Xyz Summoning the archetype's strongest monster, "Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus", by using three different "Mecha Beasts" —on the field or in the Graveyard— as its Xyz Materials.

Beyond this, each of the Main Deck "Super Quant" monsters have effects to fetch out other "Super Quant" cards from the Deck or Graveyard, thus maintaining card advantage and making quick, repeated Xyz Summons easily.

Alternatively, the strategy of using "Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus" as one's win condition can easily be achieved in a Railway Deck with the simple addition of "Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force".

Recommended cards

Recommended cards

Official Deck

Official Super Quant Deck[2]


  • Lose 1 Turn will slow down your opponent, much like most decks involving Special Summons.


  • Going up through the "Mech Beasts" by Rank, each one has 400 more ATK and 400 less DEF than the previous one. This results in each of them having the sum ATK and DEF equal to 4600.


  1. Deadborder (October 13, 2015). "[OCG] Translating the new Xyz archetype". The Organization. Retrieved October 30, 2015.

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