Sunlight is the second Duel world in Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008.

In this world, the player will see a Pyramid with Guardian Sphinx beside it. The player must talk to him and the player will be presented with 5 Duel Puzzles. Complete 3 to enter the pyramid, complete 5 to unlock Maximillion Pegasus in World Championship Mode.


Sunlight Beach


Also, outside there are other Duelists. Beating them 5 times unlocks their respective Duelist in World Championship Mode.


Sunlight Pyramid


Inside the pyramid there are even more Duelists.

The player beating each Duelist (not counting Dark Mimic LV1) at least once and Spirit of the Pharaoh will appear. Defeat him, and the player unlock Spirit of the Pharaoh in World Championship Mode.

Head outside, and the player will find Sand Moth kicking sand on Pyramid Turtle. The player has option to help, and the player will Duel Sand Moth. After defeating it, the player unlock Sand Moth in World Championship Mode, and the turtle shows the player to an underwater area.


Sunlight Underwater


Here, there are even more Duelists.

Beat them all at least once and a fourth Duelist will appear, Otohime. Defeat Otohime, and the player unlock her in World Championship Mode, and a new gate will appear.


Sunlight Gate


When the player went to the gate, Shell Guardian - Savan will provides the player with 5 challenges. They are all normal Duels, but with restrictions to Deck building:

  • 40 card Deck
  • 2000 LP
  • Only Monster Cards
  • Spells Forbidden
  • 3 of each card

The player complete 3 challenges to unlock the World of Civilization, and complete all 5 to unlock Alexis Rhodes in World Championship Mode.

Stone Monument

Sunlight Stone Monument

First Stone moument

The stone monument will appear, once the player has defeated Warrior Lady and Kabazauls 5 times each. The stone monument has a craving of Exxod, Master of The Guard, the player need to summon Exxod, Master of The Guard and win the Duel, in order to unseal it. Do this and unlock Marcel in World Championship Mode.

Sunlight Underwater Stone Monument

Second Stone Moument

There is another stone monument, it will appear when the player has defeated all of the Duel spirits underwater five times each. The stone monument has a craving of Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus, the player need to summon Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus and win the Duel, in order to unseal it. Beating the monument will unlock Atticus Rhodes in World Championship Mode.

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