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Summoned Skull Sample
Upper Deck logo
  • Summoned Skull Sample promotional card
Set information


  • Promotional card
  • SDY (en-na)
Number of cards


Release dates
English (na)
  • December 2001

The Summoned Skull Sample promotional card is a test printing of a Yu-Gi-Oh! card that was distributed internally within Upper Deck Entertainment and prospective Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game retailers.

Before the release of any kind of item, it is common practice for the publisher to make some samples of it for display to advertise an upcoming product, which was the case for this print. This card was printed and distributed among UDE members, every Hobby and Toy Shop which was suitable for selling Yu-Gi-Oh! products, and all the professional personnel involved in the distribution and development of a product like the Yu-Gi-Oh! card franchise can be. The sample was distributed on December 2001 as the example of the "Summoned Skull" in the Starter Deck: Yugi and was part of a "welcome kit" including an Official Rulebook and a Playmat.

The card itself is almost completely identical to the production release, but instead the front of the card is glossy like an OCG card, and the back has the word "SAMPLE" printed diagonally.



Set number Name Rarity Category
SDY-004 Summoned Skull Common Normal Monster

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