Structure Deck R: Tyranno's Rage is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It is the fourth Deck in the OCG's Structure Deck R series, following Structure Deck R: Machine Dragon Re-Volt.


Each Structure Deck R: Tyranno's Rage contains:


The "Power Up with Packs" supplement on the back of the included play mat suggests combining this Deck with the following cards from these sets.



Card number English name Japanese name Rarity Category Qty
SR04-JPTKN "Jurraegg Token"ジュラエッグトークン Common Token Monster1
SR04-JP000 "Petiteranodon"プチラノドン Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-JP001 "Ultimate Conductor Tyranno"究極伝導恐獣アルティメットコンダクターティラノ Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-JP002 "Souleating Oviraptor"たまいオヴィラプター Super Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-JP003 "Megalosmasher X"メガロスマッシャーエックス Common Normal Monster2
SR04-JP004 "Sabersaurus"セイバーザウルス Common Normal Monster2
SR04-JP005 "Super Conductor Tyranno"超伝導恐獣スーパーコンダクターティラノ Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-JP006 "Ultimate Tyranno"究極恐獣アルティメット・ティラノ Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-JP007 "Super-Ancient Dinobeast"超古代恐獣エンシェント・ダイノ Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP008 "Sauropod Brachion"りゅうきゃくじゅうブラキオン Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP009 "Tyranno Infinity"ディノインフィニティ Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-JP010 "Black Brachios"暗黒ブラックブラキ Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP011 "Miracle Jurassic Egg"せきのジュラシック・エッグ Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP012 "Gilasaurus"しゅんそくのギラザウルス Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP013 "Babycerasaurus"ベビケラサウルス Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-JP014 "Miscellaneousaurus"げんそうのミセラサウルス Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-JP015 "Evilswarm Salamandra"ヴェルズ・サラマンドラ Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP016 "Stegocyber"しゅんこうせんしゃステゴサイバー Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP017 "Trifortressops"どうようさい トリケライナー Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP018 "Skelesaurus"ナチュラル・ボーン・サウルス Common Gemini monster1
SR04-JP019 "Chewbone"チュウボーン Common Flip monster1
SR04-JP020 "Rescue Rabbit"レスキューラビット Common Effect Monster1
SR04-JP021 "Lost World"ロストワールド Super Rare Field Spell Card1
SR04-JP022 "Fossil Dig"せき調ちょう Normal Parallel Rare Normal Spell Card1
SR04-JP023 "Big Evolution Pill"だいしんやく Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-JP024 "Twin Twisters"ツインツイスター Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-JP025 "Burial from a Different Dimension"げんからのまいそう Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-JP026 "Swords of Concealing Light"やみふうけん Common Continuous Spell Card1
SR04-JP027 "Painful Decision"じゅうけつだん Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-JP028 "Unexpected Dai"そうGUYガイ Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-JP029 "Terraforming"テラ・フォーミング Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-JP030 "Survival's End"せいぞんきょうかい Super Rare Normal Trap Card1
SR04-JP031 "Survival of the Fittest"せいぞんきょうそう Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-JP032 "Fossil Excavation"せきはっくつ Common Continuous Trap Card1
SR04-JP033 "Extinction on Schedule"ぜつめつさだ Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-JP034 "Ojama Trio"おジャマトリオ Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-JP035 "Nightmare Archfiends"ナイトメア・デーモンズ Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-JP036 "Quaking Mirror Force"じんのバリア -ダスト・フォース- Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-JP037 "Grand Horn of Heaven"しょうてん剛角笛グレイトホーン Common Counter Trap Card1
SR04-JP038 "Secret Blast"仕込しこ爆弾ばくだん Common Normal Trap Card1

Card number English name Korean name Rarity Category Qty
SR04-KRTKN "Jurraegg Token"쥐라에그 토큰 Common Token Monster1
SR04-KR000 "Petiteranodon"쁘띠라노돈 Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-KR001 "Ultimate Conductor Tyranno"궁극의 전도 티라노 Ultra Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-KR002 "Souleating Oviraptor"영혼을 먹는 오비랍토르 Super Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-KR003 "Megalosmasher X"메가로스매셔X엑스 Common Normal Monster2
SR04-KR004 "Sabersaurus"세이버 사우루스 Common Normal Monster2
SR04-KR005 "Super Conductor Tyranno"초전도 티라노 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-KR006 "Ultimate Tyranno"궁극의 티라노 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-KR007 "Super-Ancient Dinobeast"초고대 티라노 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR008 "Sauropod Brachion"용각수 브라키온 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR009 "Tyranno Infinity"디노 인피니티 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-KR010 "Black Brachios"블랙 브라키 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR011 "Miracle Jurassic Egg"기적의 쥐라기 에그 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR012 "Gilasaurus"길라사우루스 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR013 "Babycerasaurus"베이비 케라사우루스 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-KR014 "Miscellaneousaurus"환창의 미세라사우루스 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster1
SR04-KR015 "Evilswarm Salamandra"벨즈 사라만도라 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR016 "Stegocyber"순항전차 스테고사이버 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR017 "Trifortressops"기동요서 트리케라이너 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR018 "Skelesaurus"내츄럴 본 사우루스 Common Gemini monster1
SR04-KR019 "Chewbone"츄 본 Common Flip monster1
SR04-KR020 "Rescue Rabbit"레스큐 래빗 Common Effect Monster1
SR04-KR021 "Lost World"로스트월드 Super Rare Field Spell Card1
SR04-KR022 "Fossil Dig"화석조사 Normal Parallel Rare Normal Spell Card1
SR04-KR023 "Big Evolution Pill"대진화약 Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-KR024 "Twin Twisters"트윈트위스터 Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-KR025 "Burial from a Different Dimension"이차원에서의 매장 Common Quick-Play Spell Card1
SR04-KR026 "Swords of Concealing Light"어둠의 봉인검 Common Continuous Spell Card1
SR04-KR027 "Painful Decision"고통의 결단 Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-KR028 "Unexpected Dai"예상외 Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-KR029 "Terraforming"테라포밍 Common Normal Spell Card1
SR04-KR030 "Survival's End"생존경계 Super Rare Normal Trap Card1
SR04-KR031 "Survival of the Fittest"생존경쟁 Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-KR032 "Fossil Excavation"화석발굴 Common Continuous Trap Card1
SR04-KR033 "Extinction on Schedule"절멸의 운명 Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-KR034 "Ojama Trio"방해꾼 트리오 Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-KR035 "Nightmare Archfiends"나이트메어 데몬즈 Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-KR036 "Quaking Mirror Force"모래 먼지의 베리어 -더스트 포스- Common Normal Trap Card1
SR04-KR037 "Grand Horn of Heaven"승천의 그레이트 혼 Common Counter Trap Card1
SR04-KR038 "Secret Blast"비밀병기 폭탄 Common Normal Trap Card1


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